Where mobility investments are going (2019)

McKinsey mapping of investment in mobility startups


The automotive industry is shifting into gear as a broader definition of mobility takes hold. Driven by the four ACES trends—autonomous driving, connected cars, electrified vehicles, and smart mobility—automotive OEMs, suppliers, and new entrants such as tech players and venture capitalists are attempting to build strongholds in the emerging mobility ecosystem.

We estimate that securing a strong position across all four areas would cost a single player an estimated $70 billion through 2030. It’s doubtful any individual OEM could shoulder this level of investment alone, which is why partnerships and targeted acquisitions offer an attractive strategy for staying ahead of competitors.

Investments continue to grow strongly

Investments in new mobility start-ups have increased significantly (Exhibit 1). Since 2010, investors have poured $220 billion into more than 1,100 companies across ten technology clusters. Investors invested the first $100 billion of these funds by mid-2016 and the rest thereafter. For this update on our Start-up and Investment Landscape Analysis (SILA) report, we have broadened our definitions, refined the analysis, and fine-tuned our approach (see sidebar, “Methodology,” for more on what’s changed since our first article).

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