Everyone has heard about "black spots" where there would be a concentration of road accident and some companies try to build a map of them … This is doomed to failure. Imagine yourself, blindfolded, darting on a wall. Each time you finish, you inspect and note the areas of impacts concentrations ...

Of course, at each turn, the areas are elsewhere! because it's only random with an insufficient number of repetitions . Well, that's exactly what you do when you record traffic accident concentration zones: in OECD, drivers have in average 1 accident every 100 000 km, and 3 fatalities every billion km (obsiouly insufficient number of repetitions at the local level) so "black spots" change every year.

Alerting drivers when approaching a "black spot" (which does not exist) makes no sense. NEXYAD has worked more than 15 years on this topic.

That is why we have developed SafetyNex technology which measures onboard in real time YOUR driving risk to alert YOU when YOUR risk is rising too much, depending on the area characteristics AND on YOUR driving behaviour.

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