Trends in Vehicle Telematics Solutions that are Transforming Connected Two Wheelers from Concept to Reality

With the automotive industry veering towards digitalization, the modern day vehicles have become the center-stage for massive technological disruptions.  Among these, the innovations in vehicle telematics have delivered some very advanced features in modern-day vehicles!

Modern day four-wheelers, including the commercial and passenger vehicles, integrated with telematics and rider assistance features have started becoming mainstream now. Now, this wave of digital connectivity is gradually picking up in the two-wheeler segment as well.

The two-wheeler industry is ringing in an era of intelligent motorbikes, integrated with telematics and smart-assistance capabilities. The integration of these digital features is expected to take the motorcycling experience to a whole new level!

What is Propelling the Digital Innovations in the Two-Wheeler Segment?

We can pin down two factors that have become a driving force for innovations in two-wheelers market:

  1. The need to mitigate road accidents involving motorbikes: According to numerous statistics, road accidents involving 2-wheelers have been on a constant rise in the recent years.( 2013 – 26.3% , 2014 – 27.3% , 2015- 28.8% ).
    A detailed analysis of these two-wheeler accidents has identified driver distraction, failure of perception and control, over speeding as the main reasons for such incidents.


    This calls for a safety and technological interventions to reduce instances of accidents and to ensure safety of the riders as well as fellow road users.

  2. The need to reduce the incidence of motorcycle thefts: Globally, two-wheeler thefts have been increasing over the past few years. These numbers are increasing in the absence of a reliable solution for tracking the stolen vehicle or to alert the user about a theft attempt.

So, is the automotive industry ready to address these security and safety challenges prevalent in the two-wheeler segment? Let us find out!

Connected Two-Wheelers : What the Automotive OEMs &  Tech Companies have in Store for the Future Two-Wheeler Users

The need for digitally connected two-wheelers has given birth to newer collaborations involving automotive manufacturers, suppliers, technology companies, telecom operators, insurance firms, government policy makers, transport operators.

All of them together are ensuring a better two-wheeler riding experience with enhanced safety through technological advancements.

The BMWs, the Hondas, the Boschs of the automotive industry are already in the process of developing future-ready intelligent motor bikes with connectivity features.

Some of them have started partnering with telecom and technology companies to enable mobile connectivity in new generation two-wheelers.

Here , we trace how some of the leading automotive players are working towards integration of connected scooter features such a telematics, collision warning system and more in their product lines.

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