Is your car on the list?: meet the safest 0km and the "toys" that those that come with "ADAS" incorporated

Is your car on the list?: meet the safest 0km and the "toys" that those that come with "ADAS" incorporated

cience fiction was in charge of dreaming cars as something more than a means of transport. For example, the series "The Fantastic Auto" marveled the young people of the '80s with KITT, a vehicle capable of interacting with its owner.

Without haste but without pause, the different innovations have been transforming such developments into reality. While technological and automotive firms advance with autonomous cars in several countries, in Argentina there are already some models that incorporate certain "smart" characteristics and are another argument of the automotive companies to convince users to renew their car in times of crisis.

These cars have systems are included under the acronym ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, according to its acronym in English), which means Advanced System of Assistance to Driving. These tools alert the driver to any situation that could put his life at risk, with calls for attention that range from lights that light up on the dashboard to sound alerts.

In most cases, they are based on sensors distributed in the vehicle, similar to those used in the development of autonomous cars.

In this way, the incorporation of ADAS in massive models - already sold in Argentina - opens the possibility for many customers to enjoy greater safety and comfort.

For the terminals, it is a new differential that they offer to sell more in a market that suffers the impact of devaluation and inflation, which raised prices of 0Km close to 70% in a year and with registrations that plummeted 50% year-on-year .

How do they work
For those who are in the process of buying a 0km, attendees who are part of the ADAS are several and differ according to the automotive. However, they all have aspects in common.

"You get into the car, you program the speed with the peace of mind that the vehicle brakes only if there is another one nearby, if you get distracted and move out of the lane, an alarm is activated so you can take it back. the side mirror if a driver wants to pass you on the right side or is very close to the left, "summarizes an expert at iProUP.

But that is not all. The specialist adds: "A cup of coffee appears on the board if you make several untidy maneuvers or take many hours driving, indicating that it is time for a break." If you have to park, do it without having to touch the steering wheel, just stopping parallel to the empty space, and if a tire fails, it warns you in advance that it is deflating. "

In short, the car takes care of everything and keeps the driver alert in every movement. A system of this type consists of the following components:

1.- Adaptive cruise control: regulates the speed of the car as indicated by the driver, but also brakes only if it approaches too close to a vehicle in front.

2.- Active Safety Brake and Collision Alert: it is an automatic emergency braking system to reduce the speed of impact or avoid a frontal crash if the user can not react.

3.- Alert to the involuntary lane change: it uses a camera to recognize the lines of the route and detects the involuntary crossing. If that happens, the driver is alerted by sound signals so he can return to the address.

4.- Alert to the lack of attention of the driver: it evaluates if the person who drives is attentive, identifying trajectory changes. If the car moves a lot, it interprets that there is fatigue or distraction on the part of the driver. Then, he alerts him with messages like "Stay tuned".

5.- Rest indicator: if a driver drives more than two hours at a speed higher than 70 km / h, a cup of coffee appears on the board recommending a break. It is understood that it is a long time to continue circulating without a break.

6.- Fog lights with "corner light": they are static curve lights that provide an additional beam to illuminate the interior of the curves, improve visibility and safety at the corners and splices.

7.- Start-up assistance on slopes: it keeps the car braking for two seconds, while accelerating after standing on a slope.

8.- Control grip: improves the adherence of the vehicle according to the terrain: snow, mud, gravel or water. It is available in some models of Citroën and Peugeot, for example.

9.- Hands-free access and keyless start: detects the key when the person approaches the car and opens it. It also enables certain vehicle functions.

10.- Limiter and speed regulator: it allows to reduce the speed or, if the cruise function is not used, fix it so that the driver does not get distracted and exceeds the allowed limit.

11.- Rear view camera: activated by hooking the reverse and allows a great view that does not allow to obtain the mirrors.

12.- Tire inflation detector: informs if any of the four wheels does not have the correct pressure.

What are the 0km offered by ADAS
Having all these tools not only improves driving comfort, but also safety. And when the driver gets used to using them, it is difficult to be able to do without them.

One of the most innovative in the matter is the Citroën C4 Cactus that arrived in the country in 2018. This SUV produced in Brazil became the most complete of the B segment, with 12 ADAS capable of alerting the driver at times of risk.

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