NEXYAD is now a major artifcial intelligence technology provider for onboard real time road safety applications : 

. aftermarket proactive smartphone Apps, telematics devices, dashcams, integrate our software components for a better road safety.

. ADAS computers with our software modules are under testing

. AD Systems computers with our module SafetyNex inside are considered as a serious lead to go from level 3 to level 5

Our modules are :

. SafetyNex, that compute in real time, at each moment, the driving risk that driver (human or not) i currently taking
. VisiNex, that computes visibility and detects lacks of visibility (fog, rain, darkness, sand, snow, but also dust on cameras)
. RoadNex, that detects what Elon Musk calls the drivable surface (or that Robert Boch GmbH calls free space)
. ObstaNex, that detects objects (potential obstacles): car, pedestrian, etc

Here is the vision of automotive by NEXYAD :

Nexyad Global Presentation from NEXYAD on Vimeo.