When MOTOROiD was revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show, it drew massive attention and was a prime topic of the show, but it also triggered something rather strange, especially since it is a concept model. People were already searching the internet to see how much it would cost; people were not just asking Yamaha directly, but internet forums had topics with users speculating over what the MOTOROiD’s price would be. Show visitors were also saying things like, “I don’t even have a license yet, but I’d definitely want to ride something like this,” or “I’d love to have some riding support for when I get older.” They surely saw through MOTOROiD what the designers wanted to imbue it with: a real, tangible look at motorcycles of the future. Those who saw MOTOROiD firsthand likely felt the same thing and began painting a picture in their minds of what motorcycling in the future may be like.

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