Automated parking to reduce stress at the airport: Bosch, Mercedes-Benz and the parking lot operator Apcoa want to introduce fully automated driverless parking at Stuttgart Airport in the future. To this end, the Automated Valet Parking (AVP) system co-developed by Bosch and Mercedes-Benz is to be ready for commercial operation. The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class is already ready to welcome it as the world's first series production vehicle to feature the technology required for the future infrastructure-based AVP. As an option, customers can purchase the appropriate pre-installation for what the company calls INTELLIGENT PARK PILOT, which makes the S-Class capable of receiving a smartphone order to get to a reserved parking space. "With the new S-Class, it's not only driving that's a luxury, but also parking," says Dr. Michael Hafner, Head of Automated Driving at Mercedes-Benz AG. The P6 parking lot at Stuttgart Airport will serve as the pilot for the planned commercial automated parking service. Here, the companies will test how the vehicle technology in the S-Class interacts with the intelligent infrastructure from Bosch and APCOA FLOW, the digital platform provided by parking lot operator Apcoa. This platform makes the entire parking process ticketless and cashless. "Apcoa, Bosch, Mercedes-Benz and Stuttgart Airport want to work together to make parking fully automatic," says Christoph Hartung, Member of the Executive Board of Connected Mobility Solutions at Bosch. In the airport parking lot, preparations are currently underway to begin testing the planned automated valet parking service. The aim of this test with new S-Class vehicles at Stuttgart Airport is to ensure that the interaction between the vehicle, the infrastructure technology and the parking lot operator runs smoothly and is optimized for the customer.