With incredible developments on the hardware side, including advanced imaging technologies and more eco-friendly engine systems, there is one major obstacle that is keeping the leading automotive executives up at night. The vehicle cyber-security issue is becoming the main worry for the automotive industry.

Jerusalem-based startup C2A Security, a provider of automotive cyber-security solutions, announced the launch of its flagship cyber-security product, AutoSec. C2A’s technology meets the rapidly-evolving challenges of vehicle cyber-security with an open platform that empowers industry stakeholders to identify and mitigate cyber-attacks while maintaining visibility and risk management capabilities throughout the lifecycle of the vehicle. 

According to the company, AutoSec provides OEM and Tier 1 suppliers full spectrum cyber-security across all car models, in addition to covering the cyber-security needs for a vehicle’s full lifecycle. C2A developed a cyber-hub that enables streamlined management of each phase--risk assessment, planning, policy creation and enforcement--with just a few clicks.

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Israeli startup C2A launches cyber solution securing vehicles' birth-to-earth lifecycle

I don't need to tell you that the autonomous-vehicle future is coming. This, you already know. Though, it does feel that the manual driving liberation movement keeps getting pushed back. Obviously, it's no simple task for OEM and Tier 1 manufacturers to design and maintain vehicles that live up to the ever-evolving strictness of global autonomous standards and regulations.