10 juillet 2014

Merdedes shows it semi-autonomous Heavyweight prototype

Few days ago Mercedes introduced on a highway near Magdeburg its semi-autonomous truck prototype . The "Future Truck 2025" is capable of running without pilot up to 85 km / h.  With its "Future Truck 2025", Mercedes offers to rethink the role of the driver: in his terminology, it is more "transport manager" than "truck driver" talk. Driver may work on other tasks while driving through a cockpit connected. Mercedes will tell us more about the technology and its industrialization projects in September at the IAA... [Lire la suite]

14 juin 2014

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems: Future ECU TTTech use VxWorks

During the exhibition Telematics Detroit held on 4 and 5 June, Wind River announced a collaboration with the Austrian company TTTech to develop electronic control units (ECU) for automotive applications, especially suitable for areas aid to advanced (ADAS) and the autonomous vehicle. A l’occasion du salon Telematics Detroit qui s’est tenu les 4 et 5 juin, Wind River a dévoilé une collaboration avec la société autrichienne TTTech afin de développer des unités de commande électroniques (ECU) pour applications automobiles, plus... [Lire la suite]
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02 juin 2014

Meet ADAS Members at the Mov'eo Days !

Mov'eo Competitiveness cluster organises it's annual convention on June 5th, in Versailles, France. The ADAS members will present their Demo Cars in the exhibition hall and will take a speech during the show. Come and meet us ! www.moveodays.fr      
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27 mai 2014

Driving Assistance Systems : a 260 Md$ market in 2020

According to ABI Research, this market should reach in 2020 at the world level a global 260 billion dollar sales, with an average annual progress of 41 % over the next seven years. Today, this market is already estimated near 16,6 billion dollars For the ADAS, three domains are at the moment examined by the Euro NCAP: the SAS, Speed Assistance Systems , the AEB, Autonomous Emergency Braking Systems and the Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keep Assist Systems //A en croire le cabinet d’étude ABI Research, ce marché devrait atteindre... [Lire la suite]
27 mai 2014

The Thrick That Makes Google's Self-Driving Cars Work

By Alexis C. Madrigal Google's self-driving cars can tour you around the streets of Mountain View, California. This article available online at: http://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2014/05/the-trick-that-makes-googles-self-driving-cars-work/370871/ Copyright © 2014 by The Atlantic Monthly Group. All Rights Reserved.  
20 mai 2014

Self-driving Cars and the army / La voiture autonome séduit l’armée

Evolutionary Assistance Lockheed Martin adapted this idea to military convoys and proposes an evolutionary solution of automation of various vehicles. The American company of defense finalized two kits to adapt machines already in circulation. The first one integrate electric commands to pilot the vehicle, the second is sensors' pack including a Lidar (rangefinder laser), a GPS and a dedicated computer Lockheed Martin designed several levels of intervention of this device. The first one is an assistance to the rather classic... [Lire la suite]

17 mai 2014

ADAS : the dawn of a revolution / ADAS à l’aube d’une révolution

 English  Chinese  Deutsch Les Systèmes d’aide à la Conduite (ADAS) à l’aube d’une révolution Auteur : Gérard YAHIAOUI, P-DG de NEXYAD (http://www.nexyad.com/Automotive-Transportation), NEXYAD est membre du Mov’eo Groupement ADAS L’automobile est un produit technique extrêmement complexe qui fait intervenir plus de 250 métiers, ce qui constitue vraisemblablement un record dans l’industrie.  Le secteur automobile est caractérisé par un contenu technique et technologique très élevé  qui requiert des... [Lire la suite]
05 avril 2014

The French Touch for ADAS !

The Groupement ADAS is on the website of the international CESA Automotive Electronics Congress that will be held on 3rd and 4th December 2014 in PARIS Link: http://cesa-automotive-electronics.blogspot.fr/
04 avril 2014

Renault Kwid

Just unveiled at the New Delhi motor show, discover the Renault Kwid. This concept car offers a fun, yet robust design combined with hyper connectivity. Its designed to meet the needs of young customers in new markets // Tout juste dévoilé au salon de New Delhi, découvrez Renault Kwid. Ce concept-car offre du fun, un design robuste et une hyper-connectivité. Il a été conçu pour répondre aux besoins de notre jeune clientèle sur nos nouveaux marchés. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckR6sK1bN4MCrédits : Renault / Mathematic / Dream On ... [Lire la suite]
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01 avril 2014

Cluster of High Tech SME's : ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems)

French Version   In the Automotive and Transport sector, ADAS or “Advanced Driver Assistance Systems” enjoy prime status. They encompass all active safety or driver assistance technologies and systems, designed to prevent the emergence of a hazardous situation that might end in an accident, by: relieving the driver of a number of tasks that could affect his alertness; assist the driver in his perception of the environment(over-run detector, danger of frost detector, etc.).