04 juin 2018

China slashes auto import tariffs in boost to German automakers, Tesla

SHANGHAI/BEIJING — China will steeply cut import tariffs for automobiles and car parts, opening up greater access to the world's largest auto market amid an easing of trade tensions with the United States. Import tariffs will be cut to 15 percent from 25 percent for most vehicles from July 1, the Ministry of Finance said on Tuesday, adding that this was part of efforts to open up China's markets and spur development of the local auto sector. A small number of imported trucks are taxed at 20 percent currently. Import tariffs for auto... [Lire la suite]
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07 mai 2018

The Self-Driving Industry Forces Government Interventions By Not Regulating Itself

For all the talk of free markets and self-regulation, we are forced to observe that little to no market has proven to self-regulate itself well. Despite its rhetoric, autonomous vehicle (AV) companies proclaim working towards industry standards while acting otherwise behind the scenes. The Far, Far West Of The Self-Driving Industry Every new industry starts in a state of relative chaos. This wild far west is akin to the pioneers working their way towards California. A hodgepodge of various motivations and ideals drive a few people... [Lire la suite]
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31 octobre 2017

Would You Buy a Self-Driving Future From These Guys?

Crédit photo:Jan Buchczik   When the owner of an automated Tesla was killed in a crash last year, the carmaker’s founder, Elon Musk, urged journalists to peer into the future. “If, in writing some article that’s negative, you effectively dissuade people from using an autonomous vehicle,” Mr. Musk said, “you’re killing people.” Scary. But self-driving vehicle proponents like Mr. Musk envision a world where those cars would all but eliminate traffic accidents, unleash our productivity and allow the old and disabled to travel... [Lire la suite]
13 avril 2016

Compulsory ADAS for European trucks set to expand

European Commission drive to cut HGV kill rates will see more mandating of driver assistance technology. Since 1 November, 2015, all new heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) sold in the European Union have had to be equipped with lane departure warning systems (LDWS) and autonomous emergency braking systems (AEBS). Fitting out trucks and buses with these two advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) was mandated in an European Commission (EC) regulation published 13 July, 2009 and covers Category M2 and M3 vehicles, which are designed to... [Lire la suite]