07 février 2018

Are Flying Cars Coming to the Skies?

Since the very first science fiction hit the shelves, the world has fantasized about flying objects. For nearly a century, books, radio dramas, movies, and television shows have depicted flying cars. And the most famous flying car to date? Probably Doc Brown’s flying DeLorean – the time machine from the movie franchise Back to the Future. The movie’s second installment (originally set in the year 2015) introduced the concept of flying cars for every family. Of course, this is just fiction. The real question is, how close are... [Lire la suite]
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25 octobre 2017

could AEROMOBIL flying car be a good alternative to self driving car ?

could AEROMOBIL flying car be a good alternative to self driving car ? More and more startups come up with flying car demos and prototypes. AEROMOBIL is one of those ambitious projects : Everyone knows that it is much more easier to automate a flying object than a driving object (6 dgrees of mechanical freedom vs 17 degrees of mechanical freedom). In addition, routing in 3D is much more efficient than routing in 2D : the more the number of dimensions, the emptiess is the space. In 3D space, there is much more room for the... [Lire la suite]
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27 avril 2017

A Plane That Folds Into a Car

 A Plane That Folds Into a Car After Czechoslovakia’s communist regime fell, in 1989, designer Štefan Klein began working on a concept for a flying car. Inspired by his newfound freedom, he aimed to translate that personal liberty to the skies. In 2010, he shared his work with his friend Juraj Vaculík, an entrepreneur. They joined forces to found AeroMobil and develop a viable commercial product. “We wanted to create a car and airplane without compromises,” Vaculík says, “to provide individuals with a new, interesting... [Lire la suite]
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