01 juin 2018

Driving Force - A Swedish Startup Aims To Solve The Mapping Problem In The Driverless Car Era

There was a time - and it wasn’t that long ago - when I found my way around the UK capital by using a book called London A to Z. When I wanted to find a particular street, I would look it up in the index, ascertain the grid reference and then flick through to the relevant page of the guide, where a map would be waiting for me. Today, of course, I’m much more likely to check out the street on Google Street View before I leave the house and then, once I’ve set off, use one of the map apps on my smartphone to guide me from the nearest... [Lire la suite]
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09 janvier 2016

NEXYAD showed that risk of accident is not correlated to driving style

Although ntuition let people presume that risk of accident may be correlated to driving style, NEXYAD could demonstrate that this is wrong : There are quiet but dangerous drivers, and there are brutal but safe drivers. The module SafetyNex, developed by the company NEXYAD shows how it really works, and this module is the ultimate telematics solution (connected car) for onboard road safety estimation. Available on smartphones, second market electronic devices, and first market electronic devices. Examples of mappings Safety x... [Lire la suite]