17 octobre 2017

ADAS glossary and how the 4 innovative modules of NEXYAD can simplify everything

ADAS glossary and how the 4 innovative modules of NEXYAD can simplify everything NEXYAD has been developing 4 software modules (RoadNex, ObstaNex, VisiNex, SafetyNex) for ADAS and road safety applications. Those 4 modules are designed to be deployed in series : . smartphones . aftermarket ADAS . telematics . intelligent cars Here is the glossary of main ADAS and how thos 4 modules can be used in every case. Intersection Assistant SafetyNex estimates driving risk, onboard and in real time. SafetyNex estimates adequation... [Lire la suite]

13 janvier 2017

Video shows Tesla’s new radar detect accident — and avoid it

Tesla’s spanking-new radar technology has apparently taken the safe-driving lesson to heart. And the evidence is startling: Check out the video of a developing accident on a Dutch roadway that was recently captured on the dashcam of a Tesla Model X. The camera captured it BEFORE the Tesla driver even knew it was coming. How? The Tesla’s Autopilot’s forward collision warning system was able to see the car in front of the car in front of the Tesla In the video embedded here, we can hear the Tesla Autopilot’s Forward Collision Warning... [Lire la suite]
01 décembre 2014

New Toshiba image-recognition processors for ADAS; night-time predestrian detection and 3D reconstruction

Toshiba Corporation will expand its line-up of image-recognition processors for automotive applications with the launch of the TMPV760 series. Sample shipments of the first device, TMPV7608XBG, will start in January 2015, with mass production scheduled for December 2016 onwards. With TMPV7608XBG, Toshiba is supporting the realization of next-generation Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Support for standard ADAS features includes AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking); TSR (Traffic Sign Recognition); LDW (Lane Departure Warning)... [Lire la suite]