12 octobre 2017

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems : description

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems : description Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is used to describe active safety systems on a vehicle that can identify safety-critical situations and take action, either automatically or by sending a warning to the driver.  ADAS systems have developed fast, thanks in part to sensing technology; cameras, radar and laser technology referred to as lidar. This technology is also helping the development of automated and driverless vehicles. A limited amount of ADAS is mandated... [Lire la suite]
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28 mai 2015

Driver assistance systems glossary

Driver assistance systems: These invisible co-pilots help drivers in monotonous or difficult traffic situations. They monitor the car’s surroundings with the help of radar, video, and ultrasonic sensors. They help to steer and brake the car when parking, changing lanes, or sitting in traffic. Driver assistance systems can prevent accidents and are precursors to automated driving. Adaptive cruise control: ACC can accelerate and brake a car autonomously. With the help of a radar sensor, the system maintains both the driver’s chosen... [Lire la suite]