05 septembre 2017

Use Case of computer vision ADAS system (RoadNex free space detection) : automatic predictive braking

Use Case of computer vision ADAS system (RoadNex free space detection) : automatic predictive braking NEXYAD made some tries of using their module RoadNex for predictive braking. RoadNex is a computer vision based module for road detection : . detection of drivable area borders and detection of free space (drivable area surface) :   The idea is that RoadNex is NOT and obstacle detector, but ifever the drivable area is going thinner or smaller, thenthere is a chance that an obstacle should be detected. It means that RoadNex... [Lire la suite]

23 décembre 2014

Accident Management Costs Rise 6.2 Percent in 2013

How much do road accidents cost to fleet company ? Accident management costs in 2013 were on the rise, increasing by up to 6.2 percent in some cases, over 2012 figures. The rising cost of raw materials, new-vehicle technologies, parts and labor, use of advanced materials, and additional components for parts assemblies have all contributed to an overall increase in cost. Illustration by Armie Bautista. "Parts increases are passed from the manufacturer to the delivering dealer, to repair shops, thus the increases are included in... [Lire la suite]
01 décembre 2014

New Toshiba image-recognition processors for ADAS; night-time predestrian detection and 3D reconstruction

Toshiba Corporation will expand its line-up of image-recognition processors for automotive applications with the launch of the TMPV760 series. Sample shipments of the first device, TMPV7608XBG, will start in January 2015, with mass production scheduled for December 2016 onwards. With TMPV7608XBG, Toshiba is supporting the realization of next-generation Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Support for standard ADAS features includes AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking); TSR (Traffic Sign Recognition); LDW (Lane Departure Warning)... [Lire la suite]