28 décembre 2018

Google grabs pole position in the automotive infotainment race

Google grabs pole position in the automotive infotainment race Google has been named as the technology partner of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance to embed the Android operating system in vehicles sold all around the world. The alliance, which sold a combined 10.6 million vehicles in 200 markets across last year, will integrate Google applications and services into infotainment and cloud-based systems. While each platform will be powered by the Android OS, each brand will have flexibility to create a unique customer... [Lire la suite]

06 septembre 2017

The next frontier for telematics? ~ connected bicycles

The next frontier for telematics? ~ connected bicycles Bicycles are the newest sector for telematics with connected solutions emerging to offer telematics services and active safety assistance to riders. Connected Cycle systems and services have been developed by Vanhawks, Velo Labs and Qoros. Vanhawks ~ active safety, connectivity, crowd-sourced data   The Vanhawks Valour bicycle incorporates integrated technology for advanced personal safety. Valour’s turn-by-turn navigation keeps your eyes on the road and your hands on... [Lire la suite]
21 juillet 2017

NEXYAD : new release of RoadNex (camera-based road and free space detection)

NEXYAD : new release of RoadNex (camera-based road and free space detection) New release available of the NEXYAD software module RoadNex :    . detection of the border of the road, even if there are no markings, even if the border is composed of  objects (cars, pedestrians, motorbikes, construction area, ...) . detection of the free space in front of the car RoadNex is available on the following environments : . Windows, embedded in the asynchronous real time framework RT-MAPS, . Raspberry Linux . Android ... [Lire la suite]
15 avril 2017

In-Vehicle Infotainment Software Platform

In-Vehicle Infotainment Software Platform By utilizing the capabilities of an on-dash computer, we have created a system that will enable remote monitoring of a company’s fleet vehicles. This can greatly improve the control over operations by allowing vehicle dispatching and estimating times of arrival. This means a factory can be ready for a delivery before a vehicle arrives at the plant, thus greatly decreasing the amount of idle-time. Running an Android based custom ROM ,GENIVI™ or AGL™ (Automotive... [Lire la suite]
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09 janvier 2017

Google introduces Android Auto ‘phone-screen experience’ to expand market

  Google introduces Android Auto ‘phone-screen experience’ to expand market Initiative seeks to make Android Auto experience accessible on the handset, to those without compatible in-dash displays. According to Google, Android Auto is now available from “more than 50 [automotive] brands” on in-dash screens. However, seeking to accelerate adoption and reach the broader market of drivers who don’t own one of those compatible cars, the company is introducing an Android Auto experience for smartphones. Read... [Lire la suite]
23 avril 2016

5 Connected Car Trends Affecting Every OEM

5 Connected Car Trends Affecting Every OEM For the first time in history, true connected cars are becoming a reality. According to Telefonica’s Connected Car Industry Report 2014, “The connected car will achieve mass-market penetration in the next few years: the overall number of vehicles with built-in connectivity will increase from 10% of the overall market today to 90% by 2020.” OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers are making our cars smarter than ever before, enhancing the driving experience with infotainment, safety, and security... [Lire la suite]
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07 décembre 2015

The French High-Tech SME NEXYAD proposes to uberize the world of ADAS

NEXYAD is proud to annonce that their 4 modules will be soon available on smartphones (IOS, Android, Windows Phone). The aftermarket business models imagined by NEXYAD may uberize many pure players applications, fiding the money out of the car industryand bringing ADAS functionalities to low cost and second hand cars.      To read more : http://www.nexyad-adas.com/ http://nexyad.net/Automotive-Transportation/  
29 janvier 2015

Google develops embedded Android auto software, system faces resistance in Europe

Google is reportedly developing a version of Android to be built directly into cars. However, developing an onboard system robust enough might only be the first hurdle Google needs to overcome in its quest to become further embedded into people's daily lives. Google is reportedly developing Android-based software that could be embedded directly into vehicles to provide map and infotainment services — and potentially access vehicle systems directly. On the other hand, other reports indicate the Android model faces some resistance,... [Lire la suite]
16 janvier 2015

At CES 2015, Connected Cars Will Steal the Gadget Spotlight

“CES has become a major launch point for a lot of the big automakers,” said Mark Boyadjis, technology analyst for researcher IHS in Minnetonka, Minnesota. “CES is a way for them to get on a global stage for technology.” The evolution of Ford’s CES exhibit tells the story of the automotive ascent at the trade show that attracts 140,000 visitors. Five years ago, Ford displayed its new Taurus on a 20-foot-by-20-foot piece of carpet. This year, Ford has a two-story display with five vehicles, a wall of digital screens and private... [Lire la suite]
27 août 2014

OpenXC: The platform that drives Ford on the connected car

Non-production and open-source designed to attract the best developers to create projects using the data of vehicles in real-time hardware and software platform, OpenXC program provides access to more than 15 data types. Data on speed, engine rpm, fuel level, the use of equipment such as windshield wipers or door openings can be used by developers, as does any other data sources on a smartphone, tablet or internet application.An example of the potential OpenXC: a Ford engineer, Zac Nelson, used the platform to design a control gearbox... [Lire la suite]
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