13 novembre 2017

Auto tech startups struggle to gain traction

WHY AUTO TECH STARTUPS HAVEN’T BEEN A HOT INVESTMENT LATELY: 240 different startups focused on connected and autonomous car technologies have raised just over $5 billion from both corporate and private investors in recent years, according to a new Reuters analysis of funding in the space. But that is just a fraction of the money that has been spent on these technologies — Reuters estimated that automakers and tech giants have collectively spent $40-50 billion on developing autonomous and semi-autonomous car technologies.... [Lire la suite]
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06 novembre 2017

INTEMPORA and NEXYAD, members of MOVEO Groupement ADAS on Major French TV (BFM Business)

INTEMPORA and NEXYAD, members of MOVEO Groupement ADAS on Major French TV (BFM Business) 1st Nov 2017, the Tech & Co tv show on the subject : will self-driving car come sooner than expected ? Nicolas du LAC, INTEMPORA, and Gerard YAHIAOUI, NEXYAD, presented their innovations and explained how the MOVEO Groupement ADAS helps to be stronger for their innovative startups. Nicolas talked about RT-MAPS that is a software tool for R&D, making easy the task of developing applications with multiple sensors (cameras, lidar,... [Lire la suite]
31 octobre 2017

Would You Buy a Self-Driving Future From These Guys?

Crédit photo:Jan Buchczik   When the owner of an automated Tesla was killed in a crash last year, the carmaker’s founder, Elon Musk, urged journalists to peer into the future. “If, in writing some article that’s negative, you effectively dissuade people from using an autonomous vehicle,” Mr. Musk said, “you’re killing people.” Scary. But self-driving vehicle proponents like Mr. Musk envision a world where those cars would all but eliminate traffic accidents, unleash our productivity and allow the old and disabled to travel... [Lire la suite]
25 octobre 2017

could AEROMOBIL flying car be a good alternative to self driving car ?

could AEROMOBIL flying car be a good alternative to self driving car ? More and more startups come up with flying car demos and prototypes. AEROMOBIL is one of those ambitious projects : Everyone knows that it is much more easier to automate a flying object than a driving object (6 dgrees of mechanical freedom vs 17 degrees of mechanical freedom). In addition, routing in 3D is much more efficient than routing in 2D : the more the number of dimensions, the emptiess is the space. In 3D space, there is much more room for the... [Lire la suite]
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16 octobre 2017

No Driving Required: What Automated Vehicles Mean For Our Future

Autonomous vehicles (AV) are The Next Big Thing in the tech industry. It might sound a little like a farfetched science fiction movie, but think back to those landline locked days when phones were used merely for necessary communication. Who could have envisioned a world in which we all hold the internet in our hands? Yet in 10 years that has become our reality, and it looks as if the same will be true for driverless cars. Google, Uber, and Tesla - to name a few - are already developing and testing prototypes, and some autonomous... [Lire la suite]
11 septembre 2017

ADAS is the driverless car’s eyes on the future

ADAS is the driverless car’s eyes on the future Autonomous may be set to change the world but ADAS has to be perfect first, as Brendan McNally reports. [Auto.McNally.2016.03.31] With the World fixated, as it is, on driverless cars, it is a little odd so little attention ever gets paid to its constituent technologies, known collectively as ADAS. While the prophets of the automotive space, predict driverless cars will be the most disruptive technology ever to come down the pike, the same somehow cannot be said of automatic cruise... [Lire la suite]

08 septembre 2017

LeddarTech Leads the Charge in Solid-State LiDAR for Autonomous Driving with US$101 Million Series C Financing

September 7, 2017 09:30 AM Eastern Time Major endorsement by key strategic partners led by Osram and including Delphi, Magneti Marelli, IDT, as well as Fonds de solidarité FTQ LeddarTech. Inc. today announced the completion of a combined investment of US$101 million (close to CA$130 million) led by Osram and including Delphi, Magneti Marelli and Integrated Device Technology, Inc. as strategic investors, as well as Fonds de solidarité FTQ. Representing the Company’s largest capital raise to date, this round of funding will allow... [Lire la suite]
03 septembre 2017

Flying Cars Are Close To Moving From Fiction To Reality

Flying Cars Are Close To Moving From Fiction To Reality If you told me a few years ago that in next 10 years we would have flying cars, I would have dismissed it as pure fiction. I have to say given the maturity of drone technology, advent of autonomous vehicles and giant strides we are making in AI, I believe we will see first applications of flying vehicles for recreational activities in the next five years. The flying car, which was confined to movies such as Back to the Future, and TV shows like the Jetsons, is all set to take a... [Lire la suite]
28 juin 2017

2017 Technology Trends

2017 Technology Trends The haves are breaking away from the have-nots. The trends and innovations that will shape the technology industry over the next several years came into sharper focus in 2016. Cloud computing has gone mainstream for many enterprises, and the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing how both industrial and consumer-oriented companies do business. Drones and autonomous vehicles, blockchain, augmented and virtual reality, increasingly sophisticated digital assistants, machine learning (artificial intelligence, or AI)... [Lire la suite]
29 avril 2017

Drones vs. driverless cars: A tale of two robotics policies

Drones vs. driverless cars: A tale of two robotics policies When a 2-pound drone crashed on the White House lawn in January, the nation was thrown into drone hysteria. That drone was a $1,000 model made by Chinese technology company DJI, but a basic camera-equipped drone can be had for $40—a fact not lost on those who pontificated about the crash. “It’s pretty worrisome if you’re in the Secret Service, you’re in law enforcement, a drone comes in and you don’t know if this is some 14-year-old kid who got a drone or if this is... [Lire la suite]
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