03 avril 2018

New laser technology lets driverless cars see round corners

New laser technology lets driverless cars see round corners A new laser-based system could allow vehicles to ‘see’ obstacles before they come into view, scientists say.   Whether it’s a child running after a ball, a herd of cows or a broken-down car, unexpected obstacles can prove deadly to drivers. But scientists say the cars of the future might be able to anticipate such perils. A team of researchers have come up with a new laser-based system that efficiently produces images of objects that are hidden around a corner – a... [Lire la suite]

27 mars 2018

China in the race

  China Wants Its Own Brains Behind 30 Million Self-Driving CarsThe Beijing-based company is taking aim at and just as the autonomous-driving business takes off and uncertainty looms over international trade.https://www.bloomberg.com  
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26 mars 2018

South Korea Built a “City” to Test Self-Driving Cars

South Korea Built a “City” to Test Self-Driving Cars SELF-DRIVING CITY South Korea has just opened the first section of its 323,749 square meter (3.45 million square feet) self-driving car testing facility. The testing grounds, known as “K-City,” are located approximately 32 km (20 miles) from the South Korean capital city of Seoul. A report from the Korea Herald states the facility includes “highways, downtown areas, city outskirts, and communal environments,” — a design that hopes to accurately simulate real-life... [Lire la suite]
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18 mars 2018

Here’s every company developing self-driving car tech at CES 2018

Here’s every company developing self-driving car tech at CES 2018 From Mazda to Maserati, every major car manufacturer is up to its lug nuts in R&D aimed at self-driving cars. But it’s not just carmakers that want your hands off the wheel; there are literally dozens of technology companies big and small that have designs on the drive as well. Will Detroit get there before Silicon Valley? At CES 2018, car and gadget makers alike are showing off their wares and demonstrating the autonomous cars of the future. We set out to... [Lire la suite]
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05 mars 2018

Retrospective #2 : ADAS Groupement & automotive industry news

This second retrospective will contain all articles posted in February on the groupement ADAS blog. You can easily browse through our last articles to learn more and fast about the ADAS market. As usual the summary will approach ADAS by different angles as technologies, market perspectives or market player’s progress in order to give you a global overview of what happen in February in the field of ADAS technologies and the car industry.   Groupement ADAS Here is a first article about RoadNex, by our member Nexyad: Free... [Lire la suite]
16 février 2018

2 Key Ways Robotaxis Can Entice Humans (& Get Them To Ditch Their Cars)

Credit: NHTSA There’s a common claim that autonomous vehicles will definitely take over the market and we humans will essentially stop driving ourselves places (except to the extent that some of us still keep horses to ride on). There’s an often combined claim that people will give up auto ownership and use robotaxis instead. Then there’s the perhaps equally common response: “nuh-uh.” Or: “I don’t see it happening. People like driving, like being in control, and treat having a car as a status issue.” I haven’t... [Lire la suite]
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06 février 2018

ADAS Groupement & automotive industry news

January was a busy month for the ADAS goupement, first due to the presence at Las Vegas for the last edtion of the CES. And also because we are still browsing the Internet to keep you informed about automotive industry , autonomous vehicle and ADAS technologies. in order to help you find relevant information on our blog we propose you the first retrospective based on a selection of articles posted last month. ADAS groupement Starting by news concerning the ADAS groupement, you can read below a presentation of SafetyNex by... [Lire la suite]
17 janvier 2018

Ford will begin testing self-driving cars in a new city in 2018

Ford will begin testing self-driving cars in a new city in 2018 Ford is ramping its autonomous vehicle program in 2018, with plans to expand testing its cars in a new city this year. This will serve a number of purposes, including helping partner autonomous platform partner Argo AI build out its self-driving tech, as well as helping to research further its dedicated AV vehicle design requirements. But it’s also going to allow Ford to test its new partnership platform, which is now ready for testing and which allows partners to... [Lire la suite]
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15 janvier 2018

As Lyft Begins Testing Autonomous Cars, Insurance Concerns for California Drivers

The newest company to gain approval for testing autonomous cars in California is ride-hail service, Lyft. This should come as no surprise since the company announced their autonomous car expansion plan earlier this year. Lyft has partnered with companies like Ford to achieve a goal of streamlined and affordable transportation and is just one of many companies that already have or plan on applying for permits to test autonomous cars in California. With the rise of autonomous car usage, California residents need to prepare for insurance... [Lire la suite]
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31 décembre 2017

Driving Towards Autonomous Cars and ADAS – The Future is Now

Driving Towards Autonomous Cars and ADAS – The Future is Now Read any automotive-related article and I’m sure it discusses autonomous cars and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)  – the benefits, the challenges and what the future may hold. More and more auto makers are moving towards autonomous developing vehicles, but many of the systems that will eventually be integrated into these vehicles to make them fully autonomous are being developed today. In fact, you probably have some of them in the car you are driving now —... [Lire la suite]