26 septembre 2019

Daimler to invest US$570m in highly automated trucks

Daimler to invest US$570m in highly automated trucks Daimler Trucks has revealed plans to invest €500m (US$570m) as part of a global push to bring highly automated trucks (SAE level 4) to the road within a decade. Highly automated (level 4) driving is characterized as automated travel in defined areas and between defined hubs without any expectation that a user will respond to a request to intervene. Highly automated trucks offer enormous advantages in many areas. They enhance safety in traffic thanks to a redundancy of systems... [Lire la suite]

03 juin 2018

Electric Bus vs Autonomous Shuttle vs Ride Sharing: What Is The Future Of Public Transportation?

Cities are growing like never before. By 2035, more than 2 billion more people will have moved to cities, according to a report by The Guardian. Cities are already drowning in congestion from private cars, forcing cities like London to impose additional fees on cars entering city centers. Now US cities on both coasts — Boston and Seattle — are considering congestion charges of their own as a way to reduce the number of cars competing for space in those cities. Fewer cars would also help reduce carbon emissions. ... [Lire la suite]
07 mai 2017

Compulsory ADAS for European trucks set to expand

Compulsory ADAS for European trucks set to expand EC drive to cut HGV kill rates will see more mandating of driver assistance technology, discovers Siegfried Mortkowitz [Mob.Mortkowitz.2015.12.21] Since 1 November, 2015, all new heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) sold in the European Union have had to be equipped with lane departure warning systems (LDWS) and autonomous emergency braking systems (AEBS). Fitting out trucks and buses with these two advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) was mandated in an European Commission (EC)... [Lire la suite]
05 décembre 2016

Safety of buses and coaches

Safety of buses and coaches Buses and coaches are considered to be one of the safest means of transport at all and this is why particular severe bus accidents have a great impact on the public nowadays. In order to describe the current status of the accident and loss occurrence for buses and coaches, the German Insurers Accident Research has analysed a representative data of the insurers, containing 213 cases. These data comprise not only “crash events”, but also “non-crash events” (incidents where bus passengers fall down in the... [Lire la suite]