27 juin 2017

13 future car technologies for your road trip in 2020

13 future car technologies for your road trip in 2020 COMPARING THE AUTO INDUSTRY to the computer industry is like comparing two different generations of technology. We’ve got super-fast smartphones and iPods streaming Rhapsody in our pockets, but satellite radio and clunky GPS devices attached to our dashboards. Automakers are aware they’re a little behind the times, and by 2020, many are promising dashboard and safety systems as sophisticated as iPads — maybe even more so. 1. Wifi Obvious, but vital; most of the... [Lire la suite]

14 novembre 2016

How 5G is paving the way for driverless vehicles

How 5G is paving the way for driverless vehicles Some would argue that it’s an intrinsic part of human instinct to be wary of change. There’s something inside all of us which can be instinctively nervous about the concept of autonomous vehicles and there are some key questions which the industry is working hard to answer in order to allay these concerns. What, if any, degree of human oversight is required? How will autonomous and traditional vehicles co-exist? And most crucially, how can we guarantee safety? This school of thought... [Lire la suite]
30 mai 2016

Car-to-x communication

Car-to-x communication Cooperative driving with car-to-x communication Detecting traffic obstructions before they can be seen. Detecting hazards before they become a threat. Reaching your destination in a safe and relaxed manner. This vision of safe and intelligent mobility is being realized by electronically networking vehicles and the infrastructure, so-called car-to-x communication. Car-to-x communication makes coordinated driving maneuvers by multiple vehicles possible, meaning that the technology can be considered a... [Lire la suite]