28 février 2017

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems  Advanced driver assistance systems, often referred to as ADAS, refers to all of the items in your vehicle that are meant to help keep you safe while you are in the vehicle. Smart Cars Cars that have ADAS are often referred to as intelligent vehicles. They are called such because they are designed to get a good grasp on the surrounding environment of the vehicle and passengers within it, and goes beyond simply checking power steering fluid and oil. This information is gathered... [Lire la suite]

23 juin 2016

Connected Cars: Dealing with data privacy

Connected Cars: Dealing with data privacy Cars are becoming intelligent and smarter than ever, with GPS, Internet connections, data recording, smart high definition cameras and varieties of sensors. Drivers can barely make a move or head to any direction at any speed without their actions somehow, somewhere being tracked or recorded. Also, most new car consumers possibly will not comprehend it, but they’ve perhaps signed an agreement permitting the manufacturer of their connected car to track data and information or the location... [Lire la suite]
10 septembre 2014

Toyota sees no future for fully driverless car

World's largest automaker embracing "full-time back-seat driver" technology. Your car soon will do more to help avoid a crash. As for one day leaving all the driving to the vehicle while you relax in back, don’t get your hopes up. That’s the message from safety executives at Toyota, who on Thursday promised by 2017 to have collision-prevention technology installed across its U.S. line-up, in both mainstream and luxury vehicles. http://www.design-engineering.com/general/toyota-sees-future-fully-driverless-car-132263 ... [Lire la suite]