18 septembre 2019

9 Ways the Connected Truck is Driving Fleet Efficiency

9 Ways the Connected Truck is Driving Fleet Efficiency Fleets can use the connectivity and computing power in their truck cabs to support applications and use cases that will improve business performance and increase customer satisfaction. Mobile devices can also drive down fleet costs in multiple ways, and with cost per mile averaging $1.38, shaving off a few pennies makes a fleet more competitive. Here’s a look at nine ways to benefit from a connected truck using an ELD package with the rugged Samsung Tab Active2. Save... [Lire la suite]
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19 janvier 2019

Capitalizing on the “Connected Truck”

Capitalizing on the “Connected Truck”   Fleet monitoring has been the focus of significant modernization in recent decades. The ultimate goal of fleet monitoring is to maintain a connection between fleet managers and fleet vehicles, not merely for tracking and visibility, but also to improve driver safety and security, preserve the company’s assets, and guarantee the intact delivery of the freight on board. These days, simple telematics systems alone may not be sufficient to accomplish these goals. Modern fleet management goals... [Lire la suite]
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