24 janvier 2017


VALEO AT CES 2017 IN LAS VEGAS The automotive industry is currently facing a three-part revolution. First, the engine rulebook is being rewritten in line with the ramp-up of electric motors and alternative technologies such as hybrid powertrains. Second, the automated car is enjoying accelerated development. And third, digital mobility is rising to prominence in tandem with car-sharing. These disruptions are taking place on an unprecedented scale. In these exciting times, with the car now representing the new frontier of the Internet... [Lire la suite]

01 janvier 2017

Groupement ADAS wishes you all a Happy New Year 2017

Groupement ADAS wishes you all a Happy New Year 2017 Groupement ADAS was created in the "pôle de compétitivité MOV'EO", in France. Its goal is to gather SMEs and medium sized companies involved in ADAS, connected car,  and driverless development : . products for car series. products for aftermarket series : car insurance, fleets, . smartphone Apps for drivers. products for research & development teams. studies and services : perception, data fusion, control, human factor, .... big data cloud platform for your... [Lire la suite]
28 septembre 2016

Google demos Self-Driving cars during SXSW weekend

Google demos Self-Driving cars during SXSW weekend Google brought models of its self-driving cars to SXSW to be tested and get consumer opinion, with Mayors from across the country checking the cars out as well. “This is so important for the country. We have so many challenges in front of us and the way we’re going to address those challenges is through innovation. Bringing technology and working together to try and solve them,” said Chris Urmson, the director of Google’s Self-Driving cars. Urmson has been working on the idea since... [Lire la suite]
22 mai 2015

Groupement ADAS at the Safety Week in Germany

credit photo Katrin Heyer Nexyad and Intempora were the representatives of the Groupement ADAS at the Safety Week symposium in Aschaffenburg in Germany from 19th to 21st showing its VISION-BASED PERCEPTION KIT FOR PROJECTS OF AUTONOMOUS VEHICLE. The position paper of the Groupement about ADAS validation methodology and tools was also  presented during the conference cycle.   Credit photo Katrin Heyer
09 décembre 2014

Position paper on upcoming ADAS

Author : Gérard Yahiaoui, Nexyad Contributors : Gilles Schaefer, Car&D   The French R&D cluster Mov'eo (Imagine Mobility) has started for its SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises) and MSC (Middle Sized Companies) "business" oriented clusters called “Groupements”. These groupements allow: hunting in packs: shortening the cycle "approach, qualified prospect, mail order" is the desired effect. building extended value chains to respond more comprehensively to customer building shared development strategies and placing... [Lire la suite]