05 novembre 2017

ADAS Sensing – Using Thermal Sensing in ADAS Systems

ADAS Sensing – Using Thermal Sensing in ADAS Systems Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) could transform the way we travel and transport goods by road, whilst simultaneously improving safety. ADAS can allow cars to move more efficiently and provide greater freedom of movement to all age groups. At the same time, ADAS can also severely reduce accident rates by eliminating the ever-growing threat of distracted driving and human error. Currently, humans are the decision makers behind the wheel of a car, but with ADAS they may soon... [Lire la suite]

19 avril 2016

Road detection robustness demonstration (module RoadNex)

Road detection robustness demonstration (module RoadNex) The company NEXYAD, member of the MOVEO Groupement ADAS, has been developing a road detection software module called RoadNex. Here is a demo of robustness : compare to the road detection system that you are currently testing for your cars ... Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3IGAZ9FDJg   To read more : http://nexyad.net/Automotive-Transportation/?page_id=412  
13 avril 2016

Road detection at night under the rain, for ADAS and driverless car : demo of RoadNex

Road detection at night under the rain, for ADAS and driverless car : demo of RoadNex The company NEXYAD member of MOV'EO and member of Groupement ADAS showed demos of their road detection module (RoadNex) in poor visibility conditions. Here is the demo of road detection at nights with many light perturbations : To read more : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XoEJUmQVJ70
07 septembre 2015

Using the NEXYAD road detection (RoadNex) to make obstacles detection more robust

The detection of obstacles on the road, or even recognition of those obstacles, has become an important issue for the next few years, in order to propose to the driver: . Smart Systems for driving assistance : ADAS . Delegation (partial at first, later full) of the driving task, to go step by step to the so-called autonomous vehicle NEXYAD developed a vision-based obstacle detection system (ObstaNex) that aims to offer an alternative to the current reference product on the market (MobilEye). We detail the general principles... [Lire la suite]
03 septembre 2015


Driving Delegation: key elements for an artificial perception systemPublication of September 2, 2015Authors : Gérard YAHIAOUI & Pierre DA SILVA DIAS INTRODUCTIONThe automotive industry starts offering ADAS, and plans to propose in the near future partial or total driving  delegation systems. Main cases to be processed first may be:. Highway driving, where the number of events per kilometer is small because the infrastructure has been designed to minimize path irregularities (little or no turns, every car in the same... [Lire la suite]
25 juin 2015

A next step for RoadNex with the 2.1 version

Nexyad continuously working on its modules. The low-level software RoadNex for road detection has been improved, it now detects the road surface further, and it still detects separately sides of the road. Users collect more precise data in outputs. More information about this Subject : http://nexyad.net/Automotive-Transportation/?p=711    
22 mai 2015

Groupement ADAS at the Safety Week in Germany

credit photo Katrin Heyer Nexyad and Intempora were the representatives of the Groupement ADAS at the Safety Week symposium in Aschaffenburg in Germany from 19th to 21st showing its VISION-BASED PERCEPTION KIT FOR PROJECTS OF AUTONOMOUS VEHICLE. The position paper of the Groupement about ADAS validation methodology and tools was also  presented during the conference cycle.   Credit photo Katrin Heyer