23 octobre 2020

Is Tesla’s Autopilot Unwanted In Germany?

n September 2020, the EU NCAP, an NGO that has many European government authorities as members, tested driving-assist systems and ranked Tesla Autopilot below average. The main reason for the low rank of the functionality test was explained as follows: “Tesla’s systems name Autopilot is inappropriate as it suggests full automation.” In their valuation guidelines, they explain, “A good system name should not be misleading and contain Assistance to clearly identify the system design and its purpose to assist the driver.... [Lire la suite]

12 janvier 2018

EU Commission drives home merits of autonomous vehicles

EU Commission drives home merits of autonomous vehicles Can driverless cars chauffeur people to a love of the EU? The European Commission is betting it can. Christmas came early for automated driving enthusiasts this week. Convening a two-day summit in Brussels on the subject – the first of its kind – the European Commission promised a sack of goodies in the form of dedicated funding, regulatory changes, cross-border agreements and innovation stimulus. Driverless trucks could be a reality on European motorways within two years,... [Lire la suite]
15 janvier 2017

ERTRAC Automated Driving Roadmap

ERTRAC Automated Driving Roadmap This document provides an overview on the current status for Automated Driving technologies with regard to implementation in Europe. The ERTRAC roadmap is based on available documents for automated driving. The overall objective is to identify challenges for implementation of higher levels of automated driving functions. A lot of work has been done on this topic by various stakeholders and multi-stakeholders platforms (e.g. iMobility Forum, EUCAR, CLEPA, ERTICO, EPoSS) and in European research... [Lire la suite]