16 décembre 2018

How safe is ADAS? Euro NCAP tests automated driving technology for first time

How safe is ADAS? Euro NCAP tests automated driving technology for first time As autonomous functions and advanced driver assistance system increase their presence in vehicles, the motoring safety organization Euro NCAP has put the driving technology to the test for the first time. To highlight how safe the systems actually are, Euro NCAP performed a set of three driving scenario tests on 10 vehicles that were using ‘highway assist systems’ – functions such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Centering and Speed Assist Systems to... [Lire la suite]
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29 mars 2017


RETURN OF THE AFTERMARKET   • Governments con:nue to push for greater road safety • Far too many road deaths! Strong push from EuroNCAP. Growing incen:ves from other NCAP authori:es and bodies – e.g. IIHS • Automakers need new features; consumer interest is growing • Prices are coming down – now typically in the $00s not $000s • Many ADAS systems are on evolu:onary path to autonomous driving read more... [Lire la suite]
28 juin 2015

Bosch makes emergency braking possible using just a video sensor

credit Bosch Emergency braking systems are among the most effective assistance systems in the car. In Germany alone, up to 72 percent of all rear-end collisions resulting in personal injury could be avoided if all vehicles were equipped with them. Now Bosch has developed a stereo video camera with which an emergency braking system can function based solely on camera data. Normally, this would require a radar sensor or a combination of radar and video sensors. “The Bosch stereo video camera is a single-sensor... [Lire la suite]