04 mai 2018

Self-driving cars face type approval standards hurdle

Self-driving cars face type approval standards hurdle Audi's new A8 may be the only series production car capable of piloting itself along highways while the driver watches the on-board TV, but it may take until the end of the decade before countries can agree on how to validate and approve its Level 3 self-driving system. The German government was the first worldwide to broadly legalize self-driving cars with a new law that came into effect June 21 that allowed automated driving as long as a driver is behind... [Lire la suite]
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03 août 2017

Smart car, smart business model

Smart car, smart business model Connected, driverless vehicles are set to overhaul not just the automotive industry, but software, finance and telecommunications too. KPMG’s Alec McCullie tells us how. On 6 April, six convoys comprising more than a dozen trucks arrived in Rotterdam after driving across Europe. The remarkable thing? In each convoy, only one of the trucks had a driver in control on the motorway. The rest were driving themselves. Connected and autonomous cars are on a fast track to becoming the norm. In February, the... [Lire la suite]