17 juillet 2019

Market Drivers for Automotive HMI Evolution

Market Drivers for Automotive HMI Evolution As vehicles grow increasingly connected and become packed with sensors, artificial intelligence (AI)-based technologies have the potential to play a significant role in the human-machine interface (HMI). Voice-enabled smart assistants for car controls, infotainment, and more will likely become the leading HMI in the coming era of the connected car. With momentum and regulatory demand (such as Europe’s New Car Assessment Program [NCAP]) for driver and occupant monitoring, emotion... [Lire la suite]

28 décembre 2018

Google grabs pole position in the automotive infotainment race

Google grabs pole position in the automotive infotainment race Google has been named as the technology partner of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance to embed the Android operating system in vehicles sold all around the world. The alliance, which sold a combined 10.6 million vehicles in 200 markets across last year, will integrate Google applications and services into infotainment and cloud-based systems. While each platform will be powered by the Android OS, each brand will have flexibility to create a unique customer... [Lire la suite]
15 avril 2017

In-Vehicle Infotainment Software Platform

In-Vehicle Infotainment Software Platform By utilizing the capabilities of an on-dash computer, we have created a system that will enable remote monitoring of a company’s fleet vehicles. This can greatly improve the control over operations by allowing vehicle dispatching and estimating times of arrival. This means a factory can be ready for a delivery before a vehicle arrives at the plant, thus greatly decreasing the amount of idle-time. Running an Android based custom ROM ,GENIVI™ or AGL™ (Automotive... [Lire la suite]
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26 janvier 2017

Guide to top autonomous and connected car demos/displays at CES: from auto to tech suppliers

Guide to top autonomous and connected car demos/displays at CES: from auto to tech suppliers 2017 will have more automotive autonomous and connected cartechnology than ever before. Here is AUTO Connected Car News’ ultimate guide to the automotive connected car technology at CES 2017 all in one place. In fact, the Autonomous Vehicle Marketplace — formally known as Vehicle Intelligence — has grown by 75 percent since its inception at CES 2014. Many of the companies at CES are nominated for AUTO Connected Car News’ Tech CARS... [Lire la suite]
05 janvier 2017

Telematics Smartphone Applications: Safety, Monitoring, Tracking, Diagnostics, Remote Control, and Infotainment Software

Telematics Smartphone Applications: Safety, Monitoring, Tracking, Diagnostics, Remote Control, and Infotainment Software he integration of smartphones and smartphone applications into vehicles represents nothing less than a renaissance of the interest in both consumer and commercial telematics markets. Car OEMs, automotive "tier ones," telematics service providers and independent system and software developers are rushing to launch smartphone applications, with new solutions being announced almost on a daily basis. The dynamics of... [Lire la suite]
06 octobre 2016

Merging ADAS and Infotainment for Cloud Enhanced Safety

Merging ADAS and Infotainment for Cloud Enhanced Safety Trends : • Commoditization of hardware • Differentiation on HMI, software, services, content • Changing ownership models • Market maturity – volume from developing world • Infotainment + Safety in developed markets • Safety + Device integration in developing markets • Modularity? Upgradability? • On-board commerce • Gesture-based, multimodal interfaces • Thought control – biometrics • Driver monitoring read more... [Lire la suite]

17 décembre 2015

Hanging out in Volvo’s “Concept 26,” a reinvented seat for a self-driving car

Watch this video on The Scene.     When people imagine the future of self-driving cars, they might think of steering wheel-less pods with swivel chairs and a lounge-like cabin atmosphere. Just program your destination into the vehicle and take a seat, as blissfully unaware of the ensuing traffic as you would be on a train. But Volvo doesn’t agree with that vision, at least at this point.  Company executives maintained that people really do want to drive—they just don’t want to drive when driving is boring.... [Lire la suite]
09 décembre 2015

Apple's virtual assistant Siri is coming to 5 million more cars

Apple and Ford have signed a deal which will mean Siri, the company's virtual assistant, is available on five million more cars, Engadget reports.  Ford owners with a car purchased after 2011 that have the SYNC functionality can download an update that brings Siri to their vehicle via CarPlay, Apple's in-car software.   Read more: http://uk.businessinsider.com/apples-siri-is-coming-to-5-million-fords-2015-12?r=US&IR=T  
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29 janvier 2015

Google develops embedded Android auto software, system faces resistance in Europe

Google is reportedly developing a version of Android to be built directly into cars. However, developing an onboard system robust enough might only be the first hurdle Google needs to overcome in its quest to become further embedded into people's daily lives. Google is reportedly developing Android-based software that could be embedded directly into vehicles to provide map and infotainment services — and potentially access vehicle systems directly. On the other hand, other reports indicate the Android model faces some resistance,... [Lire la suite]
23 décembre 2014

Microsoft's vision of the connected car

Meet the Windows Embedded Automotive team to find out its vision for the future of the connected car. Read more: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsembedded/fr-fr/auto.aspx
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