01 juin 2016

NEXYAD conference at Autonomous Vehicule Test & Development : methodology AGENDA, in Stuttgart

NEXYAD conference at Autonomous Vehicule Test & Development : methodology AGENDA NEXYAD has been presenting today a paper on specification, development, and validation of ADAS and Autonomous Vehicle with themethodology AGENDA (that was first developped for deep learning / artificial neural networks solutions and that is now generalized to everykind of ADAS technology).Large audience during the conferent, and a booth shared with INTEMPORA and GLOBAL SENSING Technologies (all members of the Mov'eo Groupement ADAS)   ... [Lire la suite]

05 avril 2016

Newsletter of NEXYAD Automotive & Transportation : High Tech, ADAS, Autonomous Vehicle & Connected car News

Newsletter of NEXYAD Automotive & Transportation : High Tech, ADAS, Autonomous Vehicle & Connected car News NEXYAD, member of the MOV'EO Groupement ADAS is pleased to publish the issue #8 of their Newletter about Automotive and Transportation. Headlines : . rating of NEXYAD by the rating agency Early Metrics. position paper on onboard risk assessment for insurance companies (pay how you drive, pricing, and loss issues). obstacle detection using ObstaNex BiCam : example on rearvision for vans and trucks. road detection with... [Lire la suite]
15 janvier 2016

Aftermarket solutions for ADAS

Aftermarket solutions for ADAS ADAS is a new field of economical growth and technology development in the Automotive Industry. The company MobilEye proposed their "Driver Safety Technology" for aftermarket : it is then easy to install their system on your car and maximize your chance to avoid accidents : to read more : http://us.mobileye.com/ Demo film : http://us.mobileye.com/technology/ The company NEXYAD announced that their aftermarket ADAS solution (detection of the road, detection of obstacles, safety estimation,... [Lire la suite]
13 janvier 2016

a validation database for artificial vision-based ADAS, soon available for free on the internet

a validation database for artificial vision-based ADAS, soon available for free on the internet The French High-Tech SME NEXYAD (http://www.nexyad.com/Automotive-Transportation) is currently recording images, signals, and data to build a validation database for ADAS. Indeed, ADAS validation is a very complex task as the number of road situations is quite infinite. And the camera is a very special sensor in the sense that an image of a regular camera (8 bits per color, then 24 bits, and 2 million pixels - regular HD format) can paste... [Lire la suite]
24 novembre 2015

Newletter of NEXYAD about ADAS, connected car, autonomous vehicule

Here is the issue #6 of NEXYAD newsletter : Summary : – SafetyNex & EcoGyzer : the Driver Behaviour Signature An App for Insurance companies, and Automotive electronic device : estimation of both Eco Driving and Road Safety. – Nexyad ADAS Validation Database still in progress NEXYAD is currently recording a validation database for artificial vision-based ADAS. Part of this database will be soon available for free on the internet. – ProgressRoadNex v2.2 Robustness demonstration More and more demos of the road detection... [Lire la suite]
21 novembre 2015

road detection for autonomous vehicule and advanced driver assistance systems

road detection is a key issue for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous véhicle (driverless car). Most artificial vision modules detect markings. Recently a French company (NEXYAD) proposed the module RoadNex that detects the borders and the surface of the drivable area on the lane. RoadNex can work on roads with markings, on roads without markings, on roads where markings are not clearly visible because they are exhausted or because vehicles hide markings (and those situations happen every day). Road Detection... [Lire la suite]
06 novembre 2015

Release 2.2 of the NEXYAD Road Detection Module : RoadNex

Robust Road Detection on desert sand track without markings; robust even with strong sun light facing the camera. Nexyad RoadNex v2.2 is efficient on different circumstances with an unique calibration.   RoadNex v2.2 Desert track   Nexyad RoadNex v2.2 Road with markings on both sides        
20 octobre 2015


   Nexyad Automotive & Transortation Newsletter #5, october 17th 2015.     Summary :   – OVERVIEW OF ITS WORLD CONGRESS IN BORDEAUX - USING NEXYAD ADAS MODULES FOR AUTONOMOUS VEHICLE AND SAFETY/RISK ESTIMATION - REAL TIME ONBOARD RISK ESTIMATION CORRELATED WITH ROAD ACCIDENT - NEXYAD IN MEDIA   News about ADAS VALIDATION NEXYAD has been starting the development of a data base for artificial vision-based ADAS test and validation. This data base will be relevant and unique because it is... [Lire la suite]
11 septembre 2015

Nexyad Newsletter #4 september 2015

Validation Database New Road Detection & Road SafetyNEXYAD tools for ADAS  To read more : http://nexyad.net/Automotive-Transportation/?p=973