03 août 2017

Smart car, smart business model

Smart car, smart business model Connected, driverless vehicles are set to overhaul not just the automotive industry, but software, finance and telecommunications too. KPMG’s Alec McCullie tells us how. On 6 April, six convoys comprising more than a dozen trucks arrived in Rotterdam after driving across Europe. The remarkable thing? In each convoy, only one of the trucks had a driver in control on the motorway. The rest were driving themselves. Connected and autonomous cars are on a fast track to becoming the norm. In February, the... [Lire la suite]

26 juillet 2017

ADAS: OEM vs. Aftermarket Who Wins?

ADAS: OEM vs. Aftermarket Who Wins?   What if you came to a corner and found a person hawking Rolex watches for $20? Would you buy one? Two? A dozen for investment purposes? Say you walk farther and another salesperson approaches you selling unlocked I phones for $75. You then find yourself at a street fair where there is a display selling suits with Armani labels for $50 and another with Oakley shades for $5. Is it your lucky day for value? Or would you stop to consider the fact that you just got ripped off by buying inferior... [Lire la suite]
22 mars 2017

5 stars rating of NEXYAD by EARLY METRICS

5 stars rating of NEXYAD by EARLY METRICS    The high-tech startup NEXYAD has been rated by the rating agency EARLY METRICS and is in the top 2%of all rated startups ever (81/100, five stars). NEXYAD is member of MOV'EO and member of the Groupement ADAS. NEXYAD has several high applied maths level algorithms/products : . SafetyNex (http://www.safetynex.net) : available on smartphones and soon into professional devices.  SafetyNex is a real time driving risk assessment telematics system and a vocal alert assistant... [Lire la suite]