31 mai 2016

Enabling ADAS and autonomous driving with Leddar sensing

Enabling ADAS and autonomous driving with Leddar sensing The anticipated benefits of Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS) are undeniable, as shown by several studies: assisted driving and advanced safety systems have the potential to prevent 30% of car crashes, sparing tens of thousands of lives, thus saving hundreds of billions of dollars in related costs every year to the people involved and to society.   Today, all major automotive OEMs are actively seeking to equip their products with various new sensor-based... [Lire la suite]

01 septembre 2014

How we gave sight to the Mercedes Robotic Car

Radar is theKey to Mercedes Benz's autonomous car. It is August 2013, and we are sitting in what looks like a standard S-Class Mercedes, nosing through traffic in a small town in southern Germany. The streets are narrow and jam-packed with cars, and pedestrians are everywhere. Yet nobody has a hand on the wheel, and nobody has a foot anywhere near the pedals. Still, you can’t fault the driving: This car is in charge of itself. Le radar est l'élement clé de la voiture autonome de Mercedes Benz. Nous sommes en  Août 2013, et nous... [Lire la suite]