16 juin 2017

NEXYAD member of Groupement ADAS interviewed in MOV'EO Imagine Mobility days

NEXYAD member of Groupement ADAS interviewed in MOV'EO Imagine Mobility days NEXYAD presented the Road safety ADAS SafetyNex : a smartphone App that alerts the driver before danger, letting time to slow down and avoid accident. SafetyNex can then reduce accident rate by 20%. SafetyNex may also be used for automatic braking (anticipation braking) before dangerous area (ex : priority to the right) : the first intelligent ACC with anticipation to avoid accident. SafetyNex also records risk profiles for fleets managers and car... [Lire la suite]

09 mars 2017

The New Paradigm of Connected Insurance

The New Paradigm of Connected Insurance Connected insurance represents a new paradigm for the insurance business. This new insurance approach is based on the use of sensors for collecting and transmitting data on the status of an insured risk and the deployment of big data capabilities that transform raw information into actionable knowledge along the insurance value chain. The insurance sector, which is considered to be fairly traditional and resistant to change, is currently being overtaken by this transformative paradigm.... [Lire la suite]
14 septembre 2016

SafetyNex for Insurance companies

SafetyNex for insurance companies   . SafetyNex is a Smartphone road safety App that works like a true digital co-pilot : warning the driver when approaching a dangerous area,once the excessive speed of the vehicle clearly shows that the driver did not notice the danger. SafetyNex records for insurers profiles of risk and usage.   . Insurance Companies can use SafetyNex for several purposes :   - Increase operating margin of the insurer SafetyNex can prevent 20% of road accidents according studies published... [Lire la suite]
05 janvier 2015

Will Google become Google Insurance?

As we know, Google is developing a driverless car – and has been for several years. Knowing that Google is slowly working its way into just about everything in our lives, we’re wondering … could Google be working on driverless car insurance for their driverless car? Not so fast, says Rory Joyce with CoverHound.com. Joyce has come up with three very strong reasons why Google will not be offering auto insurance in the future. Why? High opportunity cost since Google would cannibalize their costs per click and, thus, their earnings; ... [Lire la suite]