30 août 2018

Top 13 Trends in Commercial Fleet Management

Top 13 Trends in Commercial Fleet Management When reading reports about the national macro-economy, it is easy to be lulled into thinking everyone is experiencing the same business conditions; however, for many companies the economy continues to be sluggish and uncertain.This has a direct impact on company fleet operations with management cautious about allocating additional capital and exerting pressure to control expenditures — both internally and for outside services. To get a pulse of the commercial fleet... [Lire la suite]
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19 juillet 2018

Compulsory ADAS for European trucks set to expand

Compulsory ADAS for European trucks set to expand EC drive to cut HGV kill rates will see more mandating of driver assistance technology, discovers Siegfried Mortkowitz [Mob.Mortkowitz.2015.12.21] Since 1 November, 2015, all new heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) sold in the European Union have had to be equipped with lane departure warning systems (LDWS) and autonomous emergency braking systems (AEBS). Fitting out trucks and buses with these two advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) was mandated in an European Commission (EC)... [Lire la suite]
24 juin 2018

Predictive Safety Gateway to Autonomy

Predictive Safety Gateway to Autonomy Automotive is becoming one of the largest sectors of the electronics market pulling along with it the major suppliers. Renesas, for instance, made its fortune in automotive electronics before diversifying into consumer markets, but with the merger of Freescale with NXP there will be a new king of the hill in automotive electronics and its futuristic visions aim is to keep it on top for the foreseeable future by perfecting "predictive safety" as a prelude to full autonomy. "We estimate from... [Lire la suite]
16 juin 2018

What Are the Safety Features in Autonomous Cars?

What Are the Safety Features in Autonomous Cars? Autonomous cars are still making their way into the automotive marketplace, but they are becoming more and more common every year. It’s a fantastic change — experts are estimating that more autonomous cars on the road will reduce accidents by up to 90 percent, saving a potential 30,000 lives every year. What makes autonomous cars so much safer, and what are the newest safety features that have been implemented in these vehicles?   Emergency Braking Emergency braking is a... [Lire la suite]
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15 juin 2018

Safety and self-driving vehicles

Safety and self-driving vehicles The government wants to promote self-driving vehicles as a key feature of its strategy for economic growth. At a meeting last month of the government council on investing in the future, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe hailed autonomous driving technology as “a major weapon for a productivity revolution” and ordered relevant ministries and agencies to accelerate work on regulations permitting self-driving cars. Road testing has already begun in Japan under tight conditions, and the government has an... [Lire la suite]
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08 avril 2018

Developing a Driverless Vehicle

Developing a Driverless Vehicle Are near-zero vehicle collisions a possibility with the advent of autonomous vehicle technology? With the amount of research being done today, it could be a reality sooner rather than later. Imagine a crash-free society, where human error is taken out of the driving equation. Vehicles would function as robots, equipped with lasers, radar, camera sensors, and GPS systems. They would travel from Point A to Point B with a near-zero chance of a collision with other vehicles, pedestrians crossing the... [Lire la suite]

31 mars 2018

Just How Safe Is Driverless Car Technology, Really?

Just How Safe Is Driverless Car Technology, Really? Self-driving cars are supposed to be our salvation, drastically reducing the 1.3 million road fatalities worldwide each year by replacing humans with robots who can do precision piloting and never get distracted, drowsy or drunk. So why did a self-driving Uber SUV being tested in Tempe, Arizona, strike and kill a woman March 18 without so much as hitting the brakes? The accident will only drive more anxiety about autonomy given that 63 percent of Americans... [Lire la suite]
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28 décembre 2017

Perspectives: Real life safety, advanced driver assistance systems and the ESF Experimental Safety Vehicle

Perspectives: Real life safety, advanced driver assistance systems and the ESF Experimental Safety Vehicle Mercedes-Benz showcases driver assistance systems simulator at the 2010 Canadian Internation Auto Show TORONTO, Feb. 11 /CNW/ - Real life safety, that's what it's all about. The Mercedes-Benz philosophy for safety is much more comprehensive than simply focusing on crash tests alone. It takes the findings from accident research into account and integrates active and passive safety systems based on more then 70... [Lire la suite]
16 décembre 2017

Driver assistance: Coming revolution

Driver assistance: Coming revolution   The three major trends of electrification, connectivity and autonomy all have software in common, according to Thomas Gage and Jonathan Morris from Marconi Pacific   We are on the threshold of a radical change in vehicle technology. No, it’s not automation, although that will come very soon. Instead, change is being driven by the underlying technology for automation that is already here and advancing rapidly; that is, crash avoidance technology delivered by advanced driver... [Lire la suite]
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09 décembre 2017

Road Vehicle Automation: Safety Impact and Future Solutions

Road Vehicle Automation: Safety Impact and Future Solutions In order to ensure EU Road Safety 2020 target of 15,700 fatalities and long term vision of zero road fatalities could be realistically met, the EU and vehicle manufacturers have plans to introduce more automation technologies into road vehicles and eventually reaching an autonomous future. This research aim to justify the need for increasing automation in road vehicles by assessing the key accident causal factors and the safety impact of Advanced Driver Assistance System... [Lire la suite]