04 mars 2016

The challenges and opportunities for ADAS stereo vision applications, part I

The challenges and opportunities for ADAS stereo vision applications, part I Cameras are the most precise mechanism available to capture accurate data at high resolution. As with human eyes, cameras capture the resolution, minutiae, and vividness of a scene with such beautiful detail that no other sensors, including radar, ultrasonic, and lasers, can match. Prehistoric paintings discovered in caves across the world are testament that pictures and paintings coupled with visual sense has been the preferred method to convey accurate... [Lire la suite]

25 février 2016


NEXYAD explains clearly why the usual telematics systems CANNOT predict the risk of accident because they make WRONG HYPOTHESIS (for instance : severe braking as an indicator of bad driving). NEXYAD has been working for 15 year on risk of accident computing and explains the methodology and all the results using SafetyNex. This paper is French spoken (under translation)  Calcul du risque d’accident pris par les conducteurs. Fév 2016 (pdf) To read more : http://nexyad.net/Automotive-Transportation/?p=1838
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20 février 2016

NEXYAD EXPLAINS Some insurance companies gave up measuring driver behaviour : Nexyad explains why their settings are ineffective

According to the newspaper ‘Les Echos”, AG Insurance gave up linking driving behavior to accident. For eight months, the insurer has equipped the car of staff members with “smartbox”. Verdict? Nah, nothing interesting linkable to driving style !In 2014, the bank insurer KBC had reached the same conclusion after a test conducted with 150 employees, whose car was equipped with a device provided by TomTom. ” Read more... [Lire la suite]
18 février 2016

Nissan Shows Fully Autonomous Cars It Plans To Build By 2020

Nissan Shows Fully Autonomous Cars It Plans To Build By 2020 Cars that can drive themselves--under certain circumstances--are increasingly in the news. Even so, Nissan surprised the world with its recent announcement of a program to develop a fully autonomous car by 2020. The Japanese carmaker obviously isn’t the first to experiment with self-driving vehicles, so how will Nissan contribute to the rise of the machines? At the Nissan 360 event in Southern California, executive vice president Andy Palmer said “zero emissions”... [Lire la suite]
05 février 2016

Newletter of NEXYAD Automotive & Transportation : risk of accident,visibility measurement,

Here is the new issue of the newsletter of NEXYAD Automotive & Transportation : NEXYAD ADAS : newsletter of NEXYAD Automotive & Transportation : risk of accident, visibility measurement, autonomous car NEXYAD Automotive & Transportation Newsletter #7, February the 4th, 2016 Summary : – French National Projects : Initiative PME (ADEME) – Safety/Risk of Accident – Visibility Measurement : Release v2.0 of VisiNex Onboard – Risk & Safety Estimation in Driving : SafetyNex Software Module – Nexyad expertise about... [Lire la suite]
24 janvier 2016

The rise of safety innovations in intelligent mobility (Deloitte)

The rise of safety innovations in intelligent mobility In the years since Karl Benz invented the modern auto-mobile in 1885, energy and safety have emerged as two long-standing themes, central to the automotive industry.1 With respect to energy, the increasingly urgent challenge has been to reduce the impact of CO2 emissions on the environment and to ameliorate resource depletion, either by using less fuel or through alternative energy sources. We have seen the emergence of a series of “next generation” vehicles, including... [Lire la suite]
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12 janvier 2016

BMW plans ADAS and remote control parking for new 7 Series

BMW plans ADAS and remote control parking for new 7 Series The new BMW 7 Series is the world’s first series-produced car that owners will be able to manoeuvre in or out of parking spaces or garages without anyone at the wheel. The remote control parking option thus allows drivers to access extremely tight parking spaces. Using the likewise newly developed BMW Display Key, the driver can prompt the car to enter or exit a parking space fully automatically. Innovative driver assistance systems from BMW ConnectedDrive enhance comfort... [Lire la suite]
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24 décembre 2015

SafetyNex and RoadNex on smartphones : NEXYAD announced road safety estimation and intelligent road detection for everyone

The Company NEXYAD has been developing modules for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous Vehicle. Some of those modules are already under shifting into electronic device of a Tier One Company. NEXYAD also announced that un 2016, those modules will be available on smart phones : advanced perception and artificial intelligence tohelp every driver in potentially dangerous situations. RoadNex demo :   SafetyNex demo :     To read more and watch more videos : . RoadNex... [Lire la suite]
20 octobre 2015

Electric cars with automation support sustainability !

Volvo is getting ready to provide safe mobility in a 2017 test program for completely distracted driving on a 30 mile ring road in Gothenberg, Sweden. This movie explains what happens if the driver's attention cannot be gained. The video describes the technology solution Volvo Cars has choosen to their autonomous test fleet within the Drive Me project. The video consists of running footage of a Drive Me test car and animations of the different sensors and functionalities. With voiceover. Drive Me is a unique large-scale autonomous... [Lire la suite]
21 septembre 2015

Onboard road safety/risk Measurement correlated to accidents

Onboard road safety/risk Measurement correlated to accidents : How to use SafetyNex V2.1 for Insurance applications, and for Automotive applications (ADAS & autonomous vehicle) by Nexyad   INTRODUCTION: Description of 2.1 SafetyNex SafetyNex is a software module proposed by the French company NEXYAD. This module aims to match the driving style (acceleration, vehicle speed) with the danger characteristics of infrastructure. SafetyNex development started in 2001 and benefited from three national collaborative research... [Lire la suite]