09 août 2018

South Korea: Hyundai wins licence to test self-driving car on local roads

South Korea: Hyundai wins licence to test self-driving car on local roads Hyundai Motor has received a license from the South Korea transport ministry for testing its autonomous-driving car on local roads, a move to facilitate the automaker’s plan to commercialize driverless vehicles by 2020.Korea’s largest carmaker plans to test a self-driving Genesis premium sedan, equipped with GPS and the latest sensors, as early as April. The company said it will mobilize more resources to develop fully-autonomous vehicles before its global... [Lire la suite]
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12 août 2017

Human factors

Human factors As more ADAS functions are added to vehicles, the need to test them grows, but much of this will be done in the virtual sphere using driver-in-the-loop simulations The increase in ADAS systems is puttingpressure on testing engineers to make sure that the technologies are robust. As in many areas of vehicle and technology development, physical testing is becoming more time-consuming, which is at odds with the need to reduce the length of programmes. That is why even ADAS systems are benefiting from the use of... [Lire la suite]
19 septembre 2014

Audi, Mercedes, Google: 29 autonomous cars allowed to drive on California roads

On September the 16th  a new law governing testing autonomous cars on open roads came into effect in California. Audi is the first manufacturer to have obtained the new license, Google and Mercedes follow. Le 16 septembre, une nouvelle loi régissant le test de voitures autonomes sur routes ouvertes est entrée en vigueur en Californie. Audi est le premier constructeur à avoir obtenu le nouveau permis, Google et Mercedes suivent. Read more:... [Lire la suite]
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