12 octobre 2020

TomTom Launches RoadCheck

TomTom (TOM2), the leading independent location technology specialist,  launched TomTom RoadCheck, a pioneering product for automated vehicles that allows carmakers to decide where it is safe for drivers to activate their vehicles’ automated driving functions. Safe automated driving is not always possible during periods of adverse weather, in tunnels, and in changing environments, such as during roadworks. RoadCheck enables carmakers to use TomTom’s high definition (HD) map data to define the operational design... [Lire la suite]

16 avril 2016

RENAULT R-Link system allows SMEs to develop car applications

RENAULT R-Link system allows SMEs to develop car applications Renault R-Link : TomTom HD Traffic and Coyote Series R-Link has TomTom navigation including IQ Routes technology. This calculates the ideal itinerary based on a statistical analysis of journey times during the six previous months, taking the day of the week and time of day into account. It has LIVE services including: HD Traffic: the market’s best traffic information service, including an analysis of traffic flow by cross-referencing different sources of... [Lire la suite]
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