Members with complementary activities




Expert in autonomous labcar and democar making. They integrate their whole ADAS partners' solutions and handle vehicles autonomisation. ADACCESS also supply qualified data through its embedded measurement technology. Its online platform eVA by ADACCESS is a full service for pooling, capitalizing and using its whole data. 




BeNomad is a mapping and navigation software editor. Its ev-Move a platform accelerate electric vehicle adoption and facilitate the transition to a zero-emission professional mobility. ev-Move reduces the mainEVdrivers' fears, autonomy and charging, thanks to innovative functions: multi-charge route optimization and autonmy zone display. Our algorithms calculate the energetic consumption for a trip considering various parameters such as road topography, weather conditions, vehicle and driver profile. Available as applications, APIs and webservices, ev-MoVE addresses OEMs and OES, charging service operators and telematics service providers.




Consulting firm focused R&D work in the field of innovative vehicles, driving assistance and complext test benches. Internationally recognized expert in dynamics and architecture vehicle. 



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epicnpoc transforms your user-experience concepts into future products by empowering your innovation capabilities with a manageable technology ecosystem in order to create comprehensive and easy to communicate demonstrations based on robust and capitalizable software architecture


IntemporaSoftware editor of RTMAPS (real time multisensor advanced prototyping software), simple and effective tool for rapid prototyping of embedded applications. 





ISFM, which is part of Milla Group, was established in October 2017, for promoting innovative technology on the road through autonomous production of shuttles and real experimentation on the open road










Nexyad provides onboard bricks for ADAS : computer vision-based drivable road detection (RoadNex) and obstacles detection (ObstaNex), visibility measurement (VisiNex), road safety measurement (SafetyNex).



Designs and distributes a range of connected mobile solutions to enable professionals to maximize their profitability, improve and rethink people, vehicles and goods mobility uses.


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Sherpa Engineering offer is the usage and deployment of Model Based System and Control Design technologies for the development of new products. Our main activities concern conventional, electrical and hybrid powertrain, jet engines, air conditioning, energy management and ADAS.




The unique smart city lab at scale 1 in Europe for urban mobility and innovative transportation systems. Collaborative innovation platform incorporating a vehicles and infrastructure testing center (endurance, acoustic, ADAS, crash, ...) and a center of expertise (human and mechanical simulations -structures - Ergonomics and human factors).




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YoGoKo provides communication solutions for the connected & cooperative vehicle enabling data exchange between vehicles and the roadside infrastructure (V2X) and secure & efficient Internet connectivity. It allows the transmission of information related to road safety and traffic efficiency. It also enables data collection and processing, fleet tracking and management, remote diagnosis, software over-the-air updates, internet access and other added-value applications and services 




Signal processing and embedded electronics specialist, offers and develops loghtweight systems incorporating artificial intelligence,applying the decision directly to the back of the sensor (camera, microphone, vibration sensor, etc...). 




4D-VIRTUALIZ offers a 3D Real-Time & Hardware-In-the-Loop test and simulation bench for the development of multi-sensor instrumented systems. 4DV-SIM's high level of representativity allows you to test and develop your perception and control-command algorithms, servo-control and communication systems. Plug&Play, you can immediately use your development work on ADAS functions and autonomous vehicles on real vehicles.