29 septembre 2020

Intel's Mobileye Ups Game in ADAS Space With Geely Alliance

Intel’s Mobileye recently announced that its SuperVision surround-view advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) will power Geely Auto Group’s Lynk & Co brand’s highly awaited premium electric vehicle (EV) — Zero Concept. Markedly, Geely Auto Group is one of the leading auto manufacturers based out of China. The new Zero Concept EV will leverage Lynk & Co’s CoPilot solution, and run on Mobileye SuperVision ADAS, which is integrated with advanced over-the-air (OTA) update capabilities and advanced features including... [Lire la suite]
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28 septembre 2020

NVIDIA Powers Mercedes-Benz into Software Updated Autonomous Future

Mercedes-Benz and NVIDIA, the global leader in accelerated computing, plan to enter into a cooperation to create a revolutionary in-vehicle computing system and AI computing infrastructure.The new software-defined architecture will be built on the NVIDIA DRIVE™ platform and will be standard in Mercedes-Benz’s next-generation fleet, enabling state-of-the-art automated driving functionalities. A primary feature will be the ability to automate driving of regular routes from address to address. In addition, there will be numerous future... [Lire la suite]
25 septembre 2020

Collision Prediction Prevention System Patented by Foresight Autonomous Holdings

Foresight Autonomous Holdings Ltd. (Nasdaq and TASE: FRSX), an innovator in automotive vision systems, announced  that its wholly owned subsidiary, Eye-Net Mobile Ltd., has received a notice of allowance from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for patent application No. 16/496,826, for “system and method for preventing car accidents and collisions between vehicles and pedestrians.” The patented technology involves an accident prevention system that predicts collisions between vehicles and pedestrians. The system is... [Lire la suite]
14 septembre 2020

Ford partners with Michigan Science Center for interactive AV experience

Ford Motor Company has partnered with the Michigan Science Center (MiSci) to educate the community on the future of transportation, creating MiSci’s first AV exhibit. Built by Ford engineers and developers working closely with MiSci, the installation resembles a vehicle of the future that guests can engage with and explore inside to learn about AVs through interactive displays and a simulation. The exhibit shows how AVs operate and make decisions without a human driver, using data that is collected through 3D maps, cameras, sensors... [Lire la suite]
11 septembre 2020

Autonomous Vehicles Will Only Accelerate the Trend of Ride Sharing

The automotive sector is transforming at a rapid pace. Autonomous vehicles are gaining attraction from consumers all around the world. Many automotive and tech companies are involved in the autonomous vehicles market. In an exclusive interview with Smart Industry News, David Cheskis, Vice-President of Product Management, LeddarTech, talks about the trends in the autonomous vehicles market that we will experience in the next few years. According to him "There are several factors driving the growth of autonomous vehicles, including the... [Lire la suite]
09 septembre 2020

ZF launches next-generation ADAS cameras

Among the first ever cameras to offer the capability of a 100-degree horizontal field of view, the S-Cam4.8 represents another important step forward in meeting future Euro NCAP 5-Star Safety Ratings and IIHS Top Safety Pick+ requirements as well as General Safety Regulations that require increasingly stringent test protocols for safety critical systems. “The S-Cam 4.8 will offer ZF customers the opportunity to further refine systems like Automatic Emergency Braking for pedestrians and cyclists while offering best-in-class lane... [Lire la suite]

02 septembre 2020

Mobileye's AV navigating pedestrians and T-junctions on a narrow street

 Autonomous vehicles must not only be able to navigate well-marked and open roads, but must be able to navigate even the most dense urban environments.  Watch Mobileye's test AV, where the camera-only system navigates through Jerusalem's busy traffic and handle tricky situations that would challenge even the most adept human drivers.   More on Mobileye :   https://www.mobileye.com                
30 juin 2020

Rijkswaterstaat monitors the development of ADAS in Dutch passenger car and truck fleet

Rijkswaterstaat monitors the development of ADAS in Dutch passenger car and truck fleet Rijkswaterstaat is an executive agency of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management dedicated to promote safety, mobility and the quality of life in the Netherlands. A research has been carried out to identify the market developments of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), to interpret them for Rijkswaterstaat as a road authority. It is currently about SAE 1 and 2 vehicles. Ultimately, the growth of the higher SAE classes... [Lire la suite]
29 juin 2020

ADAS and road safety

ADAS and road safety ADAS Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) can provide personal assistance in a road environment that cannot always take into account the possibilities and limitations of the older driver. An analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the older driver has shown that the most important need for support stems from the difficulties that older drivers have to: Judge whether fellow road users are approaching the same intersection and at what speed Notice other road users while merging and changing lanes ... [Lire la suite]
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21 juin 2020

About ADAS (Advanced Driving Support System) and AD (Autonomous Driving)

About ADAS (Advanced Driving Support System) and AD (Autonomous Driving) ADAS (Advanced Driving Support System) is a part of a big concept of AD (Autonomous Driving).Autonomous Driving is classified into five levels according to the degree of automation,Levels 1 and 2 are positioned as "driving support", and so-called " Autonomous Driving " which the system judges is Level 3 or higher.ADAS is a "driving support function" to the last, and when a human drives a car.It is a function to support how to avoid accidents and make it... [Lire la suite]