12 septembre 2016

BMW: Driving into the automotive future with ADAS

BMW: Driving into the automotive future with ADAS A futuristic technology surprises and pleases at the same time. The innovative camera and radar-based Driver Assistance offers comfort and safety enhancing functions and is designed to reduce driving stress. The prospect of autonomous, driverless cars continue to dominate the interest in the automobile industry while a quiet transition is already altering our vehicles. The development of sophisticated driver assistance systems has transformed the driving experience altogether. We are... [Lire la suite]

22 octobre 2015

Digital disruption and the future of the automotive industry

Digital services centered on increasingly empowered consumers will bring disruption to the automotive industry. Economic value within this industry and across adjacent markets will be forever altered. In a world where the future is far from certain, automotive companies will need to develop new core capabilities to survive. What is going to happen next and how to respond? Explore the IBM infographic, below. Download the report : http://www.ibm.com/smarterplanet/us/en/centerforappliedinsights/article/future-auto-insights.html ... [Lire la suite]