In the test center of La Ferte Vidame, an "Innovation" Committee of PSA Peugeot Citroën has presented its leaders and the press a few technological components of its autonomous driving program.

The first demonstrator ensures the highway commonly known function highway assistant . It allows the driver to delegate the conduct of his car in monotonous situations on motorways. Thanks to the automated steering control, braking system and powertrain, the vehicle maintains its speed compared to others and moves to the center of the lane. This function is level 2, the driver must not releasing the steering wheel more than 10 seconds. This function includes the ability to overtake : the driver operates the turn signals and must validate the launch of the operation after confirming that it is safe.

A radar 77 GHz (range 200 to 250 m) and a mono-vision camera is used for detecting the environment. A camera directed towards the driver controls his eyes are open and his face is oriented towards the road. The whole is enriched with redundant sensors: the ultrasonic sensors of the parking system and 4 cameras (front, back, side) vision 360 °. If glare of the front camera behind the windscreen, these functions can be seconded by that of the 360 ° vision housed under the license plate. This motorway will be marketed assistant from 2018 based on new model launches. The manufacturer currently has five operational representative prototypes.