road detection is a key issue for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous véhicle (driverless car). Most artificial vision modules detect markings. Recently a French company (NEXYAD) proposed the module RoadNex that detects the borders and the surface of the drivable area on the lane.

RoadNex can work on roads with markings, on roads without markings, on roads where markings are not clearly visible because they are exhausted or because vehicles hide markings (and those situations happen every day).

NEXYAD Adas Road detection with RoadNex - no markings
Road Detection using RoadNex : road without markings

NEXYAD Adas Road detection sunlight in front with RoadNex
Road detection using RoadNex : road with markings

RoadNex was even tested on desert and bush tracks :

NEXYAD Adas Road detection on a desert track with RoadNex
Road detection using RoadNex : desert track (no markings of course)

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