Automotive Active Safety System Market : Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2015 - 2025

Automotive active safety system market is gradually witnessing uptake in recent past due to growing concerns towards road safety. Automotive safetysystems are turning out to be gaining lot of attention from automakers as well as customers. In order to protect the driver and passengers, manufacturers implement various safety features in a car. Safety features can be classified into two categories active safety system and passive safety system.  The role of passive safety system comes into play during or after the accidents to minimize the damage from the collision whereas active safety system prevent the risk of collision or accidents.Active safety features are usually electronic and computer controlled components which are entering all aspects of modern vehicles right from navigation system to advanced infotainment system. In addition to comfort and convenience from electronic advancements, more opportunities exist to be explored in global automotive active safety system market.

Global automotive active safety system market is segmented on the basis of vehicle type as passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles. Automotive active safety market for passenger vehicles is further segmented into premium cars, luxury cars and mid-range cars. In Premium and luxury cars active safety system are more popular while in mid-range cars penetration of active safety system is comparatively less. Automotive active safety system market is comparatively low in case of commercial vehicles. With up gradation in technology and reduction in production cost,mid-range cars owners are increasingly using active safety system in automotive.

Global automotive active safety system market on the basis of product type is segmented as tyre-pressure monitoring system, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, night vision system, driver monitoring,anti-lock braking system and blind spot detection. The trend for the installation of blind spot detection and adaptive cruise control during the forecast period is estimated to grow significantly in premium vehicles due to increasing awareness about the system application and safety features. In past few years automotive active safety system market witnessed significant growth due to growing awareness among customers and automakers towards road safety.

Automotive Active Safety System Market

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