Connected Cars: Dealing with data privacy

Cars are becoming intelligent and smarter than ever, with GPS, Internet connections, data recording, smart high definition cameras and varieties of sensors. Drivers can barely make a move or head to any direction at any speed without their actions somehow, somewhere being tracked or recorded.

Also, most new car consumers possibly will not comprehend it, but they’ve perhaps signed an agreement permitting the manufacturer of their connected car to track data and information or the location of the car, distance travelled, driving pattern, and times of day they’re behind the wheel. If a user uses an advanced road diagnostic service like OnStar, he may have an idea that the car can track his location info and can send it immediately to an ambulance or an emergency service in case of a collision or accident. This is really as simple and convenient as the user expects while buying a connected car, but what he might not know is that his car manufacturer stores this location information, along with the date and time of the incident, also whether the airbags deployed. So, the vehicle which you are driving is one in a million, but in its electronics is an exclusive profile of you and your decisions as a driver.

Auto Data Privacy Policy