Adas and autonomous vehicle : Sensor data fusion: state of the art survey

This survey is organized into three research directions driven by somewhat different research communities: (1) sensor networks, (2) robust navigation and (3) situation awareness. The current and future progress in these areas will affect security and crisis management needs as treated in [1], for instance in the areas: surveillance of environment, borders, harbors, critical infrastructure and private properties; secure transportation systems; rescue operations and post-crisis exploration. Particular future systems requiring advanced sensor data fusion solutions include: portable and distributed systems for detecting dangerous substances or concealed threats, autonomous surveillance systems for critical infrastructure, robust portable navigation systems and remote sensing systems for monitoring environmental changes and border/harbor activities. The focus of this report is on technical issues as enablers for security applications. The general needs, threats and vulnerability issues are treated in [1] and another state of the art survey on Intelligent Sensor Systems.

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