Volvo Cars powers ADAS services via HERE location cloud

Nokia's HERE division revealed it is powering a range of connected car features for Volvo Cars under a multi-year agreement signed earlier this year.

HERE is enabling Volvo to offer an in-car control system named Sensus by providing the car manufacturer with access to its location cloud. Volvo's first Sensus-equipped car was its latest XC90, which began shipping earlier in 2015, offering drivers access to smart guidance services that can be presented via a heads-up display.

In a statement, the navigation company said it is enabling Volvo to offer its customers access to advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) by providing high quality maps that include precise road geometry information. Such data allows Volvo to offer adaptive cruise control, speed warnings for upcoming bends, and traffic sign detection.

Volvo will also be able to offer localised search functions to drivers and passengers covering points of interest such as shops or restaurants, along with their opening hours and phone numbers.

HERE noted that it is also providing Volvo with out of car connectivity capabilities. These include the ability for drivers to pre-plan their route on a smartphone or tablet and send the information straight to their car, and a 'find your car' option that allows drivers to get directions to their vehicle on their smartphone.

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