Telematics Changing Drivers’ Behavior: Insurance Research

Telematics devices offered by auto insurers appear to working to change the behavior of drivers.

More than half (56 percent) of the 1,135 drivers participating in an Insurance Research Council (IRC) public opinion survey said they have made changes in how they drive since installing a telematics device provided by their insurance company in their primary vehicle.

According to the insurance industry-supported IRC, 36 percent of respondents said they have made small changes in how they drive and 18 percent said they have made significant changes. Thirty-eight percent said they have made no changes in their driving practices since having a device installed.

Drivers aged 65 and above are significantly less likely than other drivers to report making changes in how they drive, the survey found.

A substantial majority (82 percent) of those with telematics devices reported receiving information from their insurance company about their driving behavior after having a device installed. Eighty-one percent of those receiving information said they reviewed the information and 88 percent of those reviewing the information said they found the information to be helpful.

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