Google’s forward-thinking and experimental Google X division has been working on self-driving cars for some time. However, at a conference in California yesterday, Sergey Brin announced that Google will start building its own self-driving cars rather than modifying vehicles built by other manufacturers.

“We’re really excited about this vehicle – it’s something that will allow us to really push the capabilities of self driving technology, and understand the limitations,” said Chris Urmson, director of the company’s self-driving project.

Google’s prototype car is nothing short of revolutionary. Contrary to the mechanics of conventional cars, Google’s car has no steering wheel or pedals; it replaces glass windows with plastic ones; has two feet of foam at the front to ensure safety; and does not have any controls apart from a stop/go button.

The car will seat two people, “propulsion will be electric,” and it will be limited to a 25mph (40km/h) for safety reasons. The tech giant said that a combination of laser and radar sensors would be used along side camera data to allow the car to drive autonomously.

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