Enhancing safety

Transport is increasing and safety is becoming even more important. Ninety percent of accidents are caused by driver error. So to handle difficult traffic situations in the future our researchers are working to make vehicles smarter than ever before, helping the driver to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Intelligent safety for transport

Today's Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) include, for example, warning systems and driver awareness support. In most cases the driver is simply warned when something is wrong.

Tomorrow's smart vehicle
The next step in safety is to increase the vehicle's intelligence, for example by developing vehicles that can assist the driver in avoiding a crash.

• Active steering
Today's Lane Keeping Support warns the driver when the vehicle is about to swerve into a different lane. Volvo Group researchers are now also looking into the possibility of having the truck help the driver to avoid lane change accidents by giving full lateral support.

• Intelligent cooperative systems
Intelligent Co-operative Systems involve both communication between vehicles and between the vehicle and the infrastructure. Information on traffic, speeds, positions, accidents and much more will be sent automatically between vehicles and the infrastructure, resulting in increased road safety, reduced congestion, more predictable time frames for travel and much more.

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