Tesla announced on Wednesday that from now on all of its electric cars will be built with the components required to turn them into fully autonomous vehicles at a later date. Now chief executive, Elon Musk, has released a video showing what that really means.

The video shows a Tesla Model X driving out of a garage, picking up a human driver – who is required to be in the driving seat for the car to legally self-drive in the US – and then driving itself around some public roads, navigating junctions and highways before returning to a parking lot, letting out the human driver and then going off to park itself.

 Musk said that the release of the video was the cause of Tesla’s delay announcing the inclusion of the eight cameras, 12 ultrasonars and radar being embedded in each new Tesla car.


Tesla has been bullish on its ability to produced technically superior cars and update them with software giving them new features, including semi-autonomous driving functionality, releasing its Autopilot software under a so-called beta tag.

This attitude, which is markedly different to traditional automotive manufacturing, has ruffled feathers with some concerned about the release of unproven automation. Germany recently told Tesla to stop the use of the word Autopilot within its marketing and reminded existing Tesla owners that they must have full attention on the road at all times when behind the wheel, even with driving aids active.

The death in May of a Tesla driver using the company’s existing Autopilot system also prompted an investigation by safety regulator

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