Safety of buses and coaches

Buses and coaches are considered to be one of the safest means of transport at all and this is why particular severe bus accidents have a great impact on the public nowadays. In order to describe the current status of the accident and loss occurrence for buses and coaches, the German Insurers Accident Research has analysed a representative data of the insurers, containing 213 cases.

These data comprise not only “crash events”, but also “non-crash events” (incidents where bus passengers fall down in the bus during a braking manoeuvre, for instance).

A second part of the study has discussed the issue of the benefits that could be expected from advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) if the entire bus/coach fleet were equipped with these systems. The theoretically achievable benefits were determined for an automatic emergency braking system, a turn-off assistant system, a lane departure warning system, a lane change assistant system and an electronic stability control system.

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